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Smallthoughts: Jose Fernandez …What a Tragedy

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The news was both stunning and speechless. There are no words to express the emotions that both the Miami Marlins and Jose Fernandez’ family must feel today and going forward. To say no one saw this coming is an understatement. This goes beyond sports this is real life. If you lost a loved one then you know the pain the Fernandez family is feeling right now, the speechless tribute by his teammates says a lot about Jose Fernandez as a person.

I watched some of the pregame and post game and it was emotional, I don’t know the player and I wanted to cry that’s how emotional it was. The Marlins and the Mets played a game that in some respects was erie similar to the Mets playing the Braves after 9-11-2001. The mood was surreal just like this night when the Marlins honored one of their own. The Mets were respectful and embraced the Marlin players maybe both teams couldn’t bring themselves to play but one the first pitch was thrown , the adrenaline took over and the emotions for the Marlins ran high, you can tell by the way they played it was an outer body experience for the Marlins.  Even when the game was over which the Marlins won 7-3 there no dry eyes on the field they gathered at the pitcher’s mound and in one circle prayed and one by one left their caps on the mound and engraved their initials on the mound. Again the pain was there for all to see and while this hurts the Marlins ,  for the Fernandez family the pain has to be that much more. My condolences to the family and hope you find comfort in your loss  days, weeks, and months ahead



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