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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Les Myles

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Every now and then we get a reminder that College Football is a business, big business. And the bottom line is win, if you don’t no matter who you are …you’re fired! Les Myles LSU head coach was fired from the University after 12 years coaching the Tigers sidelines. The reaction of the players was one of surprise and shock to say the least:

“Very emotional,” safety Jamal Adams said describing the scene. “That man is so passionate about LSU.”

“He came in and gave his speech; it touched me,” Dural said. “You could hear and feel the pain in his voice. You could hear that he almost broke down. He loves every one of us. He’s a player’s coach.”

Running back Leonard Fournette spoke to Miles one-on-one from the coach’s second-floor office after the players meeting.

“To me,” Fournette said, “he’s one hell of a coach. It’s shocking.”

Myles final undoing was an 18-13 loss at Auburn on Saturday night, the last straw for a coach on thin ice for the past 10 months. He was rumored to be gone as late as last season yet he was given a reprieve.

“Decisions like this are never easy ones to make,”  LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said in the statement. “Coach Miles has done a tremendous job here and he’s been a great ambassador for our University, which makes this even more difficult.

“However, it’s apparent in evaluating the program through the first month of the season that a change has to be made. Our commitment to excellence and competing at the highest level is unwavering, and our goals for the remainder of this season haven’t changed. We have an obligation to our student-athletes to put them in the best position to have success on the football field each week and we have great confidence that coach Orgeron will do just that.”

As for Myles, he took it better than one would expect, which leads you to wonder if he already knew regardless of how this season turned out he was gone anyway. If he had any bad feelings he kept them to himself.

“And I’m for the Tigers, anything that they see makes the Tigers better then I’m for them,” Miles said about changes to the coaching staff. “And I accept it — that outcome and will support that decision and these Tigers as we go forward.”

Will this be the last we see of Les Myles? Most likely not. Someone , somewhere will like what they see of Myles and may welcome his approach. Maybe they will look at his career record and see that as better than what is out there for them. If that is the case wish him well, but hope that he learned from his demise at LSU.

The knock on Myles was that he was unyielding in his ways and his approach which may have very well be why he was let go so early in the season. What worked before in the past, wasn’t working now and trying to control everything and not delegate to the coaching staff didn’t win him any points with his boss.

I’m sure what didn’t help his tenure was that beast of a program in his conference called Alabama which streamrolls over everyone on the way to winning National Titles. Trying to compete with the Crimson Tide leaves no room for loses and mistakes otherwise you pay dearly which in this case Les Myles paid dearly.


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