Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Odell Beckham Jr.

As good as Julio Jones was, it was that bad for Odell Beckham Jr.

Sometimes in life our emotions gets the best of us …all of us but with Odell beckham Jr. this is a out of control trend that continues to hurt the Giants.

Word of advice to OBJ…time to grow up and stop letting your emotions get the best of you. The Giants opponents don’t need to do much other than get in OBJ’s head just even alittle bit and that might be the best way to shut him down to the point that he melts down all on his own. So now we know his meltdown against Josh Norman last year was not just a isolated case, this is who he is for now…until such time he can get his emotions in check and be professional yes even in an emotional sport as Football.

Football is my sanctuary,” Beckham told ESPN’s Anita Marks on Tuesday. “It’s where I go to escape. It’s where I’m most happy. I’m not having fun anymore.”

Maybe  OBJ you’re not having fun because you are bringing trouble on yourself for example

After just the second game of this season, when the Giants played the New Orleans Saints, Beckham was fined $36,000 for a crack block on Kenny Vaccaro, drilling the defensive back away from the play and when he wasn’t paying attention. Or as we like to say in my old neighborhood…a cheap shot!

Then came Week 3 against Norman, now with  the Washington Redskins. Though Beckham had his best game of the season, with seven catches for 121 yards (he’s yet to record a touchdown catch this year), with the Giants losing late, Beckham took his frustrations out on a kicking net.  Not the smartest move to make.

Want to really make the point? Try this your lack of control on your emotion was the final nail in the coffin for now former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and this was a coach who won 2 Super Bowls. So your behavior has already come at a cost. You are not a victim, no one is out to get you other than you. You are your own worse enemy. If you want Football to be fun less with the scrowl and more with the smile and more with the catching the Football and less with the drama!

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13 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Odell Beckham Jr.

  1. Time for Odell to put on his big-boy pants and to stop being a jack@ss . Sick and tired of the excuses being made for athletes who feel the world owes them something when they haven’t done a goddamn thing .

  2. as a Giants fan I totally agree with everything you said – OBJ needs to reign in his emotions and Coach McAdoo needs to step up and control it too

    1. The Giants need to stop enabling his behavior and hold him accountable. That does not mean they should trade him or release him. But he already cost them one coach in Tom Coughlin he has cost them games with his meltdowns. At what point does this stop?

      1. The league seems to enable such behavior and then you have Roger Goodell step in, trying to punish players with impunity, when he feels they smear the reputation of the game. If there is to be a disciplinary committee , which deals with the conduct of the players , then let that group be made up by retired players, referees and just one or two individuals (general managers) . who render an arbitrary decision. It should not be left to Roger Goodell , alone .

        I also believe the players’ union (NFLPA) to be negligent, with poor leadership among its executive committee . They seem to be more concerned with how much of the pie (monetary cake) they can split between themselves and the league hierarchy , rather than the conduct of their members and the well-being of their retired veterans. Gene Upshaw was a damn poor Executive Director of the union , as too is his successor DeMaurice Smith , one of the most pompous morons in all of professional sports !!!

      2. As strange as it sounds I do like your idea of having a discipline committee as opposed to having the commissioner having to wildly do it.

  3. It’d best to have disciplinary committee based along the lines stated. However, Goodell wants to be the arbiter , judge and jury, based on the so called collective bargaining agreement which was agreed to by the union. Both entities (league hierarchy and the NFLPA [union]) are and will remain disingenuous . There is no common sense or intelligence to be found within the NFL and there never has been going back down the league’s list of commissioners .

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