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Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Julio Jones

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Julio Jones torches the Falcons for 10 catches, 300 yards and a touchdown.

Did the Carolina Panther defense get the name of that lighting bolt that flew by them? Wasn’t this a team that was just in the Super Bowl this past February? Yet Julio Jones did whatever he wanted to do against them. I have seen receivers have big games, good games 150 yards plus games 190 maybe even 200 yard games …but 300 yards ??? Ok how bad did Julio Jones dominate the panther Defense?  He had 225 yards, more than any single Carolina opponent, by the end of the third quarter. He added a 75-yard TD catch late in the fourth. Best thing …he was modest about it after the game:

“You can’t do this by yourself,” Jones said. “You can play really well by yourself, but you can’t win and have success by yourself. It’s a team game and team effort. The way we practice and the way we love each other showed today.”

After that game someone usually the head coach and another coach( The Defensive  Coordinator) has some explaining as to why there was single coverage on Jones when it became apparent one man wasn’t going to keep him in check. in this case it was the head coach Ron Rivera.

“It was hard,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “We thought we had a good plan coming in. We tried to cover him. We tried to do some different things and apparently it didn’t pan out. Credit to them.”



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