Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…New York Jets


Be honest you knew this could get bad but you didn’t think it would be this bad. We know the Jets schedule worked against them the first six weeks but 3-3 was what I expected. Now we know why no one and I mean no bothered with Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets were bidding against  themselves to retain his services when in fact maybe the smart thing was to let him go and see what you have with Bryce Petty. Forget Geno , we know what he is …Petty was supposed to be someone they were grooming for the future. Geno Smith has no future with the Jets and possibly no future in the NFL if you go by what many others say about him. Oh by the way for those wondering why isn’t Bryce Petty ready yet ? it’s simple …He was HURT for 6 weeks and just got off IR. So let’s use our brains and give him some time for we go throw him to the lions and say let’s see what he’s got. Fitzpatrick played himself right out of the starting job as quarterback. And at this point might have played himself right out of New York. So now he becomes the latest of failed quarterbacks of the New York Jets …before Fitzpatrick it was Geno Smith , before him Mark Sanchez  it’s been awhile since the Jets had a good QB…Chad Pennington and Vinny Testavarde were the last two good QB’s for the Jets that made you feel you would win. Now the Jets are going to Geno …again !!! It is a panic move called by the Owner plain and simple. If he is smart let his people figure their way out of this mess themselves right the ship and stay out of the way other wise we will be subject to Tony Romo to the Jets rumors. Believe it. Woody Johnson loves star quarterbacks …remember Brett Farve? At this point play Petty when he is ready and ride out the season . Geno doesn’t deserve a another shot at the job. If the season goes completely out of control …get the number pick and draft a quarterback make losing worth something , but that is getting ahead of ourselves at this point. The head coach needs to get his head from between the cheeks of his …he doesn’t make good in game adjustments. He saw Darrelle Revis get beat early and often against AJ Green opening game and did nothing !Bill Belechick would have made adjustments at half time change things up, instead Todd Bowles stays the course because it was a good game plan…duh ! it’s not working Bowles. Try something else. Can someone tell offensive coordinator Chan Gailey he has more wide receiver than just Brandon Marshall? This is a total break down of the team it’s not just one player or even one side of the ball this is a total team effort of bad plays , bad playing , bad penalties by a bad team.

It’s time to right the ship or it becomes crash and burn and things will get more ugly than they are now.

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