Jet Drama Continues …Geno Tears ACL …Done for the Year

Image result for geno smithGeno Smith of the New York Jets reacts

The Jets are like TNT…they know drama…

The sound you just heard was the sound of a career tearing oops I meant an ACL tearing . Geno Smith who was forced out of Sunday’s game with an injury, has now suffered an torn ACL and is done for the year and now for sure done as quarterback of the New York Jets. So guess Ryan Fitzpatrick has nothing to complain about now. The quarterback job is his…for now. There was some in the press that ripped Joe Namath of all people for questioning Geno Smith for not going back in the game. In fairness to Namath, if you torn an ACL you are in no shape to walk stand or nothing else so it was fair question to ask at the time. Does Ryan Fitzpatrick feel stupid now after having ripped his bosses for his benching?

Not that Geno ever lit it up during his time as jet QB…who went 11-18 with 34 interceptions and 41 turnovers in his first two seasons, he was a failed draft pick from a failed General Manager John Idzik (remember him Jet fans) who never won over the Jet fan base or his team mates for that matter. Look at this way …while Ryan Fitzpatrick was holding out for a bigger contract this past summer …no one went to bat for Geno  no one said hey don’t pay Fitzpatrick …we can win with Geno, neither the coaches nor his teammates  so where was the respect for the so called leader of the team? In fact Brandon Marshall went out of his way to plead with management to resign Ryan Fitzpatrick at all cost. So what does that say about the respect factor for Geno Smith in his own locker  If he doesn’t have the respect in that locker room now ,I can’t imagine he is going to win over any other locker rooms around the league as a free agent after the season and even worse coming off a serious injury.

If Fitzpatrick is as pissed off as he says he is he’s got his chance to redeem himself with his play this week, but again Fitz look in the mirror and be honest with yourself …your play the last 6 weeks was why you were benched in favor of Geno Smith in the first place. Do us all a favor don’t talk about it, be about it but know one thing mess up and the Bryce Petty era will begin.

As usual no matter who the coach and players are on the Jets …there is no shortage of drama …


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2 thoughts on “Jet Drama Continues …Geno Tears ACL …Done for the Year

  1. Even with the news of Geno’s injury, one thing is certain, and that is the Jets will have another losing season. And frankly, if Ryan Fitzgerald doesn’t have a career season last year pushing himself towards a big payday (since nobody else wanted the crybaby) the Jets would have been a losing team last year as well.
    The Jets are similar to the Chicago Cubs; however instead of triple digit years since their last championship, it’s been 47 long years. Tough being a Jet fan…

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