Smallthoughts: Too Soon to Be harsh on Kevin Durant and the Warriors

Last night the Golden State Warriors played the San Antonio Spurs and the Spurs gave the Warriors more than a smacked them in the mouth …they  exposed them on the defensive end. One thing…it looks weird seeing the Spurs and not seeing Tim Duncan on the floor, this is Lamarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard’s team now. Leonard didn’t disappoint leading the charge with 35 points in a 129-100 romp. Durnat playe well 27 point in his Warriors season debut which isn’t bad.

Look be fair it’s going to take a little while to make this work. The Warriors already have more than enough offensive power to out score their opponents but what they are going to need is to stop people on the defensive end. But to say this isn’t going to work out after one game is foolish.Don’t base it on last year year hey lost only 9 games all season will they do that again ? No! But by no means is this a sprint, the NBA season is a marathon unlike football which is a shorter season and only play once a week and where every game means so much …this isn’t that serious! It takes time for teams to come together …give the Warriors time. Maybe this will be nothing over the cost of the season,but it waaaayyy too early to start up on the Warriors based on one Game!

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