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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Josh Brown

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Alot of fuss and noise was made of why didn’t the Giants cut Josh Brown sooner…for god sake’s he’s just a kicker so he is replaceable so the thought goes. This more than between the sidelines this more than a roster spot this is about what a person is behind closed doors.And by the way just because you don’t slap or hit someone, it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t abuse done. Grabbing , pushing ,shoving is abuse. as much as a right cross/ Maybe the Giants didn’t know the extent of his abuse toward his wife. If the Giants and the NFL want to back up claims of zero tolerance then why wait so long to dismiss Brown? Some times we over think what needs to be done, wanting to weigh in the fact are fine but…come on already. But what is funny and not in a jovial way is that Ray Rice will never see another job in football , but Josh Brown was suspended one game and was released by the Giants. Some will see it as a double standard because Rice was blackballed and he came forward before the video hit and apologized he and his fiance made up and got married, Josh Brown and his wife got divorced yet Rice has not and apparently be offered a job to play football by the NFL. Josh Brown is a kicker and less seen than other positions on the filed. Brown will likely be offered another chance to play but it just goes to show you never know what people are like behind closed doors …whether it is recorded on video or not.


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