Smallthoughts: The Word is Out …Throw On Darrelle Revis

When you hear the expression shut down corner …Darrelle Revis was just that , your best receiver was shutdown by a cornerback that made quarterbacks look all over the field to make sure they would not thrown in his direction. No one is perfect so when revis did get beat once in a blue moon, you would tip you hat to the receiver and say wow impressive. But for the most part Revis bottled up opposing receivers so well it was said they were prisoners on Revis Island. Now it seems all the prisoners have escaped. Quarterbacks who once would not even think to throw in Revis direction are not looking to throw in Revis direction play after play…the fear factor that Receivers and Quarterbacks had for Darrelle Revis is gone.

How else do you explain what everyone saw when the New York Jets Played the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, when Terrelle Pryor had 101 receiving yards in the first half alone against on the of the best cornerbacks in the history of Football? At one point it was so bad that Revis was in position to make a tackle and …chose not to make the tackle which raised even more eyebrows. We are not talking about a top flight receiver like AJ Green or Dez Bryant we are talking Terrelle Pryor a converted quarterback making Revis look dare we say ???OLD!!! Revis is getting burned with more frequency than in any time in his tenure with the Jets and they are paying good money to watch the decline of Darrelle Revis. His head coach Todd Bowles has been much help leaving Revis exposed , no in game adjustments now Revis is getting picked apart. I am not saying bench him but come on coach help the man out , change schemes have another defensive back in there to assist in covering receivers in Revis side of the field. Whether he is hurt or not his play has been alarming and more alarming is the lack of help and adjustments that Todd Bowles is offering. Is he watching the same thing we are?  The season is already going down the drain, and the word is out that you can and should at every chance thrown on Darrelle Revis . It’s sad when we see a an athlete lose it right before our very eyes , some can lose it gracefully and others like Revis …just lose it …ouch ! Never thought that would come out like that but it’s true , when a converted quarterback turned wide receiver like Terrelle Pryor has a career day against Revis well  it’s time to really take a hard long look at what is really happening and what is happening is the prisoners have escaped from Revis Island!

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