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Losers No More …Cubs win the World Series !

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Next stop for Theo Epstein: Cooperstown

Two teams with a history of losing heartbreaking games, long history of being without a championship…eventually one of them was going to make history ! In this case it was the Chicago Cubs who finally broke through and won the World series for the first time since 1908…in a game 7 that will be remembered for a wild ride of the Cubs up 5-1 then 6-3 then the game was tied at 6 give Cleveland credit , they didn’t lie down they didn’t quit…final score was 8-7 in 10 innings…Congratulations to the Cubs and their fans …the wait is finally over!

The Cubs celebrate after getting the final out to win the World Series. (USA Today)



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    Would love your comments on this : https://rinsebeforeuse.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/keeping-your-options-open-self-preservation-vs-happily-ever-after/

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