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Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Theo Epstein

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Everyone loves a winner and Chicago is in love with Theo Epstein. he has done something no front office man has done in a Cubs front office in 108 years …turn the Cubs into a World Champion.

Smart baseball decisions smart drafting of talent and hiring a smart manager makes for a smart Winner and Theo and the Cubs are now that!

Now we know it was Theo Epstein who was the cursebuster in Boston and not Terry Francona although Francona’s Indians gave the Cubs all they could handle. In what will go down as a classic game 7 which the Cubs won, Epstein can take a bow for delivering on his promise of a 5 year plan to turn the Cubs around and make them a winner. The Cleveland Browns hired the wrong Baseball executive (Former Met Front office man …Paul Depodesta is the Frontoffice man for the Browns) they should have hired Theo …he has proven he can turn the curse into the other C word …Champs! Maybe Theo Epstein can turn the Jets around while he is at.


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