Smallthoughts: Jet Fans… It’s Official Season’s Over!!!

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The final score was 27-23 and as far as Jets are concern that was the final score of the regular season. The loss nearly insures the Jets of not making the playoffs for the fifth straight year …this is unacceptable and enough blame should be tossed around. GM Mike Maccagnan put together this roster so blame falls at his feet for misjudging his talent. No one especially him thought Darrelle Revis play would fall off this bad, but he has no depth to compensate for that. Maccagnan  thought did sign Wilkerson at the expense of run stopper Damon (Snacks ) Harrison which would have at least made the Jets more formiable than what they are now. He is not the only one to blame. Head coach Bowles lack of in game adjustments are now head scratching as to why won’t Bowles  make the needed adjustments to help out Revis. One on one isn’t working anymore. He isn’t the same player he was even two years ago. The fall off is that drastic it’s time to make changes. The defense was supposed to carry the team, it was supposed to be it’s strong suit…I guess we were all wrong on that.

They can’t stop the pass and Wilkerson looks uninspired after getting his money this offseason. Jet fans knew the schedule was going to be tough be still expected the players to give a effort make it respectable surprise us play well. The Giants play a tough schedule too and they needed a big game against a division rival the Eagles and they got the win. The Jets …this was a game they could have and should have won they even had the lead late then …special teams gave up the back breaker…game set match. The fans wanted to feel good about this team and yet again …disappointment, disgust and now anger! To add insult to injury the Jets are not even bad enough to contend with the Cleveland Browns for the worse record to get the number one pick in the draft.

At 3-6 unless they run the table and finish 10-6 make the playoffs there is no way they can savage the season. It’s done! Now it’s time to see what Bryce Petty has at quarterback for the rest of the season, and see whatever other players they deem their future and develop them the rest of the way.

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