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Smallthoughts: In Todd We Distrust

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I saw just enough of the Jets- Colts game Monday night to know this team quit on it’s coach, GM, Owner and one of the most passionate and loyal fan base these players will ever play in front of. All the fans ask is play hard earn your money and win . Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is for this roster. Some of the players for years wanted to get paid and finally they did . Mo Wilkerson, Darrelle Revis , and to an lesser extent …Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yet to a man all three are culprits for not at least making representation efforts for their money. If you have been a reader of my post you know I have no problem with ripping the Jets and I am a fan. I want to see this franchise do well.  Since Bill Parcells walked out the door, counting Bill Belechick  the Jets have run through 5 coaches since Belechick went to New England . 5 coaches in 17 years now Todd Bowles makes 6 coaches.
To be fair Woody Johnson has good about hiring first time coaches everyone after Parcells has been first time head coaches in the NFL Al Groh, Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan and finally Todd Bowles.It’s been a mixed bag. Problem is with every one of these coaches is they never grow beyond the initial wave of success. Each of them are former defensive coaches who had a distain for their own tightends on offense  and can’t seem to guard the opposing team’s Tight Ends . Bowles strength is supposed to be defense right? What happened? First quarter alone 3 touchdowns to the Tight End…seriously??? No Jet TightEnd has had 3 touchdowns in 3 years but the Colts Tight End had 3 in the first qiauter alone! Shameful.
Defense is supposed to be his expertise yet  he watches week after week Darrelle Revis get beat by guys who two years ago would not have even touched the ball, Quarterbacks wouldn’t even throw in Revis direction. Week after week Bowles watches Revis get beat by guys like Terrelle Pryor a converted quarterback and offers no change in defensive scheme to either help Revis or better yet tell him have a seat on the bench. Could you imagine Bill Parcells putting up with this week after week ? No me neither . In fact as Carl Banks likes to say no scholarships here! The way this is going …Todd Bowles is going to go down as the worse jet coach since Rich Kottie. Yes that bad Jet fans. Bowles makes no in game adjustments or no game to game adjustments for that matter as his 3-9 record suggest.He in over his head when dealing with the New York Media which is the conduit to the fans so he offers nothing week after week as to why bad play continues. I was willing to write this season off as a bad one and bring him back next season. my thought was you don’t go 10-6 your first year and forget how to coach in year 2 …but after this loss to the Colts they didn’t play hard, they didn’t show up and the coach says they weren’t ready to play. Seriously ???Last I look they play once a week …you have six days to be ready to play on day 7. How hard is that to do? That falls on the head coach! They have to be ready to play!
I am on the fence as to saying he needs to be fired at the end of the season, should the Jets play decent the next four games and show some life some effort and Bowles actually coaches like a head coach maybe I would think long and hard to bring him back in 2017. It’s one thing to get outcoached by Bill Belechick , but quite another to get put coached and out played by Chuck Pagano and the Colts , they are beatable, this was a winnable game and all he can say is we got out …kicked??  Cutting CJ Spiller and Jeremy Ross didn’t shake the Jets to their core, benching Darrelle Revis for a full game would, benching anyone not playing hard would. No scholarships remember? It’s one thing to get beat if the opponent is better , then tip your hat and say you beat me , but give effort when coach see no effort week after week he has to do more , say more be more do that nasty heavy lifting that winning coaches do. As a fan do you trust that Bowles is going to do just that? Do you trust that he is a winning coach? I don’t.

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