Rex Ryan Shuffled Out Of Buffalo

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If you are going to be loud, boisterous and brash you better back it up or as Muhammad Ali once said ” It ain’t bragging if you back it up” Rex didn’t back up his boasting.

He came to Buffalo seeking to prove the Jets were soooo wrong about him, he came to Buffalo to end a playoff drought (17 years and counting) to make them the bully, to return Buffalo to it’s glory days … That was two years ago…that was then this is now…

Rex Ryan and his brother Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan were both shuffled out of Buffalo . In his two years he was 15-16 as Bills head coach. No playoffs which means 2 non playoff seasons with the Bills and 4 non playoff appearances with his previous team the New York Jets …hmmm that’s six straight years of Rex Ryan not getting a team into the playoffs. Seems like for all who think he got a raw deal and a quick hook in Buffalo, take a look at his body of work the past 6 years…41-54 4 straight 500 or less record with the Jets all non playoffs and 8-8 and 7-8 in Buffalo. It didn’t take a genius to figure out the Rex over promised and under delivered.

He displayed the same things with the Bills as he did with the Jets which was being boisterous and brash which is fine when you win and win a lot like he did his first two years with the Jets. But he never got better as a head coach, still does not manage the clock well and for a defensive guru still gambles way too much to the point his defenses regress. Look I am not a defensive guru but one thing I know when your defense no matter how good it is left on the field way too long it will eventually crumble. When your offense goes 3 and out your defense can’t catch it’s collective breath (sounds familiar Jet fans?)

Where does Rex Ryan go from here? Someplace where he can do his mouth the most good. ESPN has been rumored as a landing spot for the loud and proud head coach. That is one possibility, maybe he will be a motivational speaker (he would be good at that) or maybe his options could be in College Football??? but in any case I can’t see another General Manager or Owner hiring a head coach who in the last 6 years has gone 41-54 with no playoff appearances. And always makes the same mistakes time after time with no growth as a head coach. For Buffalo the word is toxic. They will be working on their third head coach in 3 years (Doug Marrone , Rex Ryan) which is why by the way if you are Woody Johnson you don’t want to fire Todd Bowles at this point because 3 head coaches in as many seasons creates a worse environment which will be hard to get a serious or real coaching candidate to take you serious never mind hire.

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2 thoughts on “Rex Ryan Shuffled Out Of Buffalo

    1. He has 2 head coaching jobs and after the early success he has been a 500 coach at best. We all know he can talk so …it’s time to use his best asset to his best use …TV. Or even radio…

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