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Smallthoughts: Did Matt Moore Get The Name of The Truck That Hit Him?

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If by any chance you were watching the Steelers- Dolphins Wild Card playoff game, you saw some serious hard hitting for sure but one hit in particular seemed like it wipe out Matt Moore. Take a look at the video. In a weird way I came away with more respect for Matt Moore for actually taking the hit from Steeler Bud Dupree and finishing the game. But WOW you have to wonder did Moore really get the number of that truck that hit him? He got back up and got in the game but you wonder if he really knew what happened and what the ramifications will be health wise the rest of his career. But WOW!!!!



  1. The Dolphins’ postseason aspirations went up in flames and it wasn’t really that much of a surprise at all. They were never in with a chance of beating the Steelers .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      However they did get to the playoffs and those that didn’t make the playoffs would switch places with the Dolphins any day of the week …ask the Jets , Bears Chargers, 49ers Colts , Jaguars among others

  2. The NFL postseason will meet the expectations of the fans. It’s as Trumps says , you have to dredge the swamp first. My bad , Congress is one thing the NFL is something completely different. LOL,LOL !!!! Not that much in reality when you consider how bad many of these teams are who were said to be on the cusp of making it in.

    The Giants were on a roll in the lead-up to the postseason and then they were exposed as a massive fraud by the Packers. The game wasn’t even remotely close. Thanks OBJ for turning up and then prancing around like a eunuch .

  3. If he (Rex Ryan) wanted all of that then he should have been a Congressman . That’s where all the real idiots belong to begin with , either or in the Supreme Court.

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