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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Derrick Rose

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When Phil Jackson made the trade to bring Derrick Rose to New York many people panned it. I was willing to give it a shot. It was basically a one year try out for Rose. He is injury prone, he is a former league MVP but again it’s worth a shot. If he has anything left it helps the Knicks for this season, it helps Rose towards getting the big money he seeks after the season. All of that I was ok with…until …Monday when he pulled a no call no show. Where I come from that is a no-no. In a world that is social media driven so much that the Team president (Phil Jackson) announces his break up with his Fiance’ Jeannie Buss on Twitter, there is no excuse for a no call no show. Text someone a team mate a medical staff person , someone in the front office or better yet Tweet “I’m ok just need a moment with my family” anything is better than a no call no show. If you think this is overblown try this at your job pull a no call no show and see what happens to you. If that wasn’t bad enough, his bosses fined him 200,000 and he played the next night in Philadelphia (which he should have been suspended for that game as well) Oh by the way I forgot to add that while he was away he thought about retiring from basketball. Yet when he returns he thinks he should get a max contract from the Knicks worth 150 million dollars. Seriously? You walk away from your job don’t call anyone and come back the next day and tell your boss you want a raise and promotion and see how far that gets you.
Where I come from we would see Derrick Rose ain’t wrapped too tight. Big time! How do you get that kind of nerve that kind of sense of entitlement to believe you can do that walk away say nothing do nothing and expect to get paid 150 million dollars? Again try this at your place of employment and see where that gets you. Look I know the sports world isn’t based in reality but come on. Enough is enough! Impression on Rose is he isn’t mentally stable to handle New York long term. He has only been there a few short months and already disappeared?
It was a risk to bring Derrick Rose to New York it was worth a try, now it is worth another try to send him else where and let him be someone else’s headache.


  1. geminilvr says:

    Exactly – there is no excuse for not sending a text saying I’m okay, please understand. I remember having the worst stomach flu I could ever remember and in my sick stupor made it a point to text and email my supervisor as well as two of my colleagues so they wouldn’t worry about me. His handling of this raises eyebrows.

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