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Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week..Atlanta Falcons

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Say what you want about the AFC Champs the New England Patriots being the usual suspects when it comes to going to the Super Bowl, in fact the feeling in New England is yawn we are here again …can you just hand us the trophy now please? …Not so fast …swooping down from the sky by way of Atlanta is…the Falcons. The Falcons who dismantled the Green Bay Packers who were on a 8 game winning streak who knocked off the Giants and the Cowboys before the Falcons ended their streak. The Falcons have been the NFL’s top scoring team with 540 points which in a 16 game season is an average of 33.75 points per game or if you want to round it off ..34 points.  They have been consistent all year on both offense and defense. They are led by Quarterback Matt Ryan aka Matty Ice.The Falcons boast one of the best wide receivers in the game in Julio Jones who in one game had12 catches and  300 yards receiving which is the equal of 3 games in one. Matt Ryan threw for 503 passing yards, making them the first quarterback/wide receiver duo to gain 500+ passing yards and 300+ receiving yards in a single NFL game.The Falcons are possibly the toughest opponent the Patriots have faced all season and they are standing in the Patriots way of winning yet another yawn …Super Bowl.


  1. This game will come down to time of possession and which of these two teams has the mindset to play error-free football .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      The Patriots defense is average at best…the Falcons defense has been playing better and better in recent weeks at the right time. That said it wouldn’t surprise me to see a 38-35 or 41-38 game. Defense usually with some championships but the south will rise again….

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