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Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Greatest Show on Turf

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Smallthoughts : Old School Tuesday reposts the Greatest Team on Turf .As you are reading this picture this team up against the Steel curtain defense of the 70’s or the Ravens defense of 2000 how would that team fared against those defenses?


This week’s Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday will feature the Greatest Show on Turf with the Players being …Kurt wearner, Marshall Faulk , Issac Bruce and Torry Holt So enjoy the fast track of the greatest show on turf…

The Greatest Show on Turf” was the nickname for the St. Louis Rams’ record-breaking offense during the 1999, 2000, and 2001 National Football League seasons. The offense was designed by attack oriented offensive coordinator Mike Martz who advocated mixing both an aerial attack and run offense. The Rams’ offense during these three seasons produced a largess of scoring, accrued yardage, three NFL MVP honors, and one Super Bowl title for the 1999 season.

The offense was attuned to getting all five receivers out into patterns that stretched the field, setting up defensive backs with route technique, and the quarterback delivering to a spot on time where the receiver could make the catch and…

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