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Smallthoughts:Rant of the Week…Atlanta Falcons

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Up 21-0 and 28-3 t was all there for the taking …the Falcons had this game under control all they needed to do is score one more time to put the game out of reach and make the Patriots ride to glory one of crushing defeat. Then out of seemingly no where …the Football gods played a crude trick on the Falcons they decided to allow the Patriots to score and score again then when the score was 28-20 it was truly gut check time, if you are a Falcon fan you had to believe  if you can score 28 points what’s 7 more to put this game out of reach yet …the Football gods had other ideas …call it the Fickle Finger of Fate… not only did the Patriots come back and tie it …but scored in overtime. Full disclouser… I am not a Falcons fan, yet I feel every bit the pain a Falcon fan feels up 28-3 and looking for all likelihood to achieving your first championship then have the cruel sense of humor by the football gods yet it from them.

Does this take away from the great year that the Falcons had? No, but to be honest neither the players or their fans want to hear that and aren’t looking for a consolation prize either, this was all there for the taking …they scored 28 on the patriots all that was need was 7 more points game set match.Done. Now its’ an off season of doubt and questions …first being how did it happen? There are questions about the game calling in the second half, 3 pass interfere calls didn’t help, this will stick in a craw for a while and it should …it was there for the taking …Fickle Finger of Fate  indeed.


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