Smallthoughts: I Am Embarrassed to Be A Knick Fan

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My first NBA game I ever attended was when my grandfather took my father and I to Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks play I believe the Cincinnati Royals. It was during the championship season. I have been a Knick fan since. I have seen the Knicks win one more championship after that one (1973-74) I was in junior high school then. Since then  I have seen the Knicks be real good and real bad and the bad is embarrassing  but the off the court drama is worse. I could see not being good on the court it happens to every franchise at some point, but there is no excuse for bad behavior off the court. The worse was the Isaiah Thomas era…I still held hope out for the Knicks as a team as a franchise. I still rooted for them when Thomas gave money away for underwhelming players like Eddy Curry and Jerome James and Stephon Marbury…this season for the first time I believed this team was looking like it could do something playoff wise, wow was I so off on that but still nothing and I mean nothing is as bad or as embarrassing as what happened the other night with Charles Oakley at the place known as the Mecca of Basketball, The World’s Most Famous Arena. I will now refer it as Dolan’s House of Horrors. How else can I look at it? I am not excusing Charles Oakley putting his hands on the security personnel in that situation but what did they think was going to happen when they surrounded Oakley in full view of on lookers? There was no other way to handle things? I knew Dolan was thin skinned but do you mean that the very thought of Charles Oakley sitting behind Dolan made Dolan that uncomfortable that he had security toss Oakley? There was no better way to handle this? I’m embarrassed as a Knick fan, I am saying this after all the moments that Isaiah Thomas did and could do to be embarrassing as a executive, Phil Jackson is walking dangerously close to being just as embarrassing …what team president tweets that they break up with their finace’? But nothing is more embarrassing as seeing Charles Oakley who by the way showed more fight in that moment with Garden Security than the Knicks did all season on the court, get hauled out of the Garden and then banned from coming back in, having him arrested, just on spite. You know Dolan must have thought or knew he was wrong, why else would he fire the head of security for doing what he asked him to do basically get Oakley out of the arena. Oakley was the Knicks muscle for years kept teams off Patrick Ewing, made sure everyone understood when you drive the lane it’s the last time you drive the lane, he gave the Knicks toughness, grit and went all out on the court gave it all. Was he a great player no but he was an intangible player that you need that the current Knick team could use .For James Dolan to even hint that Oakley has a drinking problem smacks of spite. Seriously Dolan who himself has a drinking problem should go there with someone else? Why?Is he going to offer Oakley assistance if Oakley said he had a problem? This is embarrassing on so many levels. Just when I thought that as bad as Phil Jackson has been, James Dolan has made it worse and made it about his sensitive feelings. I usually wear my Knick hat, watch Knicks listen when I can on the radio but after this…I am not watching Knick games the balance of the season I can’t do this, my hat stays in the closet and I can’t invest emotionally when the franchise becomes a joke an embarrassment beyond what happens on the court. Dolan doesn’t deserve my viewing of this team. It is shameful that not only Oakley is now banned but Dolan has never made room at the Garden in some capacity of the franchise’s greatest player …Patrick Ewing. It is shameful, so now he isn’t welcoming Oakley to the Garden , but he welcomes back Latrell Spreewell shameful and down right embarrassing.  I am done.

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One thought on “Smallthoughts: I Am Embarrassed to Be A Knick Fan

  1. These are the Dark Ages for Knicks fans, for sure. But keep the faith, brother. I’m with you on this, all the way.

    Dolan is a complete joke of an owner. What he did to Oak was cruel and totally uncalled for. I wish there was a way to get Dolan out of there, and to give Knicks fans an owner they can believe in. Because they deserve it.

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