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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Terrell Owens

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I might be in the minority but I truly believe a person’s reputation either helps you or hurts you if you are looking to achieve certain things in life, such as a promotion on your job , you can be good maybe even the best but if your rep is that you are a jerk ask what people will remember most about you, your skills or your behavior? It is no different in my rant of this week. Terrell Owens was denied entry into Football’s Hall of Fame. Not because he wasn’t good enough , but because his reputation preceded him. His rep of being a jerk a thug a bad guy was so bad that writes felt he wasn’t worthy. Hall of fame isn’t about who was a choir boy I get that but if your rep is so bad that an exclusive club doesn’t want to offer you membership… then it is time to clean up your act. his stats are second only to Jerry Rice, his gutsy play in the Super Bow for Eagles on a bad leg was impressive downright heroic, yet his reputation is such that his on field exploits become second to his behavior with those who determine membership into the Hall of Fame. What’s a player like Owens to do? Instead of going to the airways and argue loudly about why he wasn’t voted in the Hall of Fame , maybe this would be the right time not to sulk or whine but to find out what do I need to do now to get voted in. Eventually Owens will get in the Hall of Fame, but carrying on like he is now isn’t going to help it’s going to hurt and take longer. He was asked though on a radio interview if he got voted in would he go to his induction… he said no! he was asked again giving a chance to maybe clean up his answer…he replied again no . When I make up my mind to do something I stick with it. So if you make up you mind not to go then why complain about not being voted in, in the first place?



  1. Cayman Thorn says:

    I think TO should be in the Hall. But the fact that he’s gonna have a hard time of it does not exist in a vacuum. The dude didn’t endear himself to many people- Hall voters included.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      A friend of mine and I had this debate about T.O. and the Hall of fame in general in all sports. When you look at a player do you think you see an all time great? That’s what the Hall of fame is for all time great players not very good players which is why it’s so hard to get in. In Owens case he didn’t endear himself during his playing career to coaches and teammates. You can be great at something but if you are a jerk people are going to remember the jerk part first and often and not so much the brilliant part that is the case with T.O. He get in on each day but not today with his rep.His shooting off about not getting in isn’t helping

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