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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Randy Levine

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It’s one thing to be a sore loser which everyone can understand, but a sore winner ? Come on! Yankee executive Randy Levine is a case in point. In baseball when a team and a player cannot agree on a salary, there is a process called the arbitration process. It is usually a very unpleasant process for both the team and the player and usually it is very revealing on how a team says negative things about a player especially when millions of dollars are at stake. When a team wins they usually take the high road and say nice things to move forward so as to sooth and smooth over any hard feelings the player may have. Usually! Not the case with Randy Levine…the wildcard Yankee executive who has been known to run off at the mouth in the past further cemented his reputation. After the Yankees won their arbitration case against their reliever Dellin Betances, Randy Levine said that Dellin Betances’ $5 million request might as well have been $50 million. “He doesn’t have the stats.” Levine called the demand “over the top” and based on “very little sense of reality.”

“$5M goes to elite closers. Pitchers who pitch the 9th inn and have a lot of saves. Dellin didn’t have that record. He never did.” – Levine

RL: “It’s like me saying, I’m not the president of the Yankees, I’m an astronaut. I’m not an astronaut and Dellin Betances is not a closer.”

“Elite closers get X-amount. That’s the top. Then there’s a pyramid and it goes down,” Levine said. “It’s based principally on the ninth inning and saves. Dellin has been great but he doesn’t have the statistics in the ninth inning or the saves. He just doesn’t have it. At the end of the day, it was obvious that he was not getting $5 million unless it was a fluke.”

As crazy as it sound Levine could be right in what he said inn theory, but so wrong in saying at that time and in public. It gives the perception of a sore winner and someone who lacks the tact and diplomacy that one would expect from an executive.

He just proves true the expression if you have nothing nice to say… it’s better to say nothing at all.



  1. Cayman Thorn says:

    Levine has taken the place of former Dolphins owner Jeff Ireland for me. As in “The sports executive I would gift a pink slip to”. He’s clueless!

    • bklynboy59 says:

      he is the loose canon in the Yankees structure. Cashman is the face of the Yankees and usually is at the forefront of the Yankee plans. Hank they keep hiding so he too wont shame the Yankees but he is a Steinbrenner. Levine???like you said clueless.

  2. Cayman Thorn says:

    Was George Costanza not available when they hired Levine? Just saying…

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