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Smallthoughts: In Defeat Garcia Showed He Has Great Chin

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Keith Thurman is the WBA and WBC Welterweight Champ he took the WBC title from Danny Garcia . The judges called it a split decision. Was it that close was it that hard of a decision. In Boxing this was a controversy that was more to do with the noise than the result. The result was the same Thurman won the championship he has two belts.  Thurman won this fight early and despite the fact that Garcia thought he was the aggressor through out the fight, Garcia lost this fight early when Thurman rocked Garcia in the first round which if it was anyone else it would have been at least a knock down if not a knockout.  But to Garcia’s credit he hung in there didn’t go down and he delivered a few shots of his own none with the same power that Thurman hit him with . After the first round I thought Thurman took alot of starch out of Garcia with coming at him early. Should there be a rematch if I were Garcia I would watch replays of the early rounds of the fight and come out firing early and often against this time impose my will aka body shots early on Thurman . When Garcia landed body shots he was effective and made Thurman respect him and when he (Garcia) counter punched he did so effectively. This was a fight of boxers in their prime which made for a good fight. Thurman is now the name to gun for in the Welterweight division but Garcia is far from done. He will get either a rematch or should the title change hands again he will get another shot. He is in his prime and will bounce back from his first professional loss.

Just a side thought…The Barclay Center where the fight was held, had 16,500 in the building which way more than shows up Brooklyn Nets games. Boxing was for one night back in the spotlight, something that the sport has not enjoyed in a while.


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