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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…NFL Free Agency

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This is the period in the NFL off season best known as the free agency period in which you can sign players who are no longer bound to other teams. Is there a catch? Of course …a salary cap so you need to spend wisely. That sounds good today and sounds practical until a player you want badly is being wooed by other teams that also want them badly then it becomes insane.  You know the expression “It’s insanity if you do the same thing over and over again but expect a different result? That is the NFL free agency period. Where general managers and owners sign players today and a year from now try hard to get out from under the same contract they are so eager to sign today.

Case in point…Brock Osweiler. He was supposed to be the air apparent to Peyton Manning but decided to test the market and become a free agent. At the time it seemed like a good move right? He got a deal from the Houston Texans who couldn’t wait to make him their franchise quarterback. One year ago they signed him to a 4 year 72 million dollar contract 37 million guaranteed. One year later the Texans traded their once franchise quarterback to the Cleveland Browns for draft picks. And it’s possible he could be traded again before the month is out. So why bother to sign someone marginal like Osweiler then a year later you end up moving that same player? To be clear there are times when it pays to sign a game changer a difference maker some one with a proven track record. But when you sign a player like Brock Osweiler to a big contract paying him to be a franchise quarterback and then you don’t get franchise quarterback results well…that is insanity!


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