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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Todd Bowles

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Todd Bowles in coach on the hot seat based on last year’s 5-11 record. Normally he would have a directive to win or else. But that isn’t the case yet, the New York Jets are in rebuilding mode plain and simple. However that doesn’t mean that you can’t hold players accountable for things like tardiness. We are talking about player tardiness, in Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson  from last season. Both were benched for a quarter because of their lateness to meetings and, in Wilkerson’s case, a missed walk-through.

Bowles downplayed the lateness issue from a team standpoint.

“You’re going to always have tardiness with players. It’s part of it,” he said. “Sometimes you’re late to work. It’s life. It’s not life threatening. Those guys, after that, were sharp, and they were fine, and we didn’t have a problem with them after that. Sometimes your alarm clock isn’t going to go off.”

Ok in the real world, your boss can over look a one time late, yes there will be a once in a long while that the alarm isn’t going to go off. But How long do you think that excuse is going to hold up when you repeatedly show up late for work…over and over again? Not long and at that point you might not have a job after repeated offensives.  Wilkerson and Richardson were repeated offenders of tardiness and perhaps Bowles dealt with it behind closed door more sternly as opposed to how he came across in his interview with the press recently but at some point he needs to make it clear repeated lateness will not be tolerated, he needs to make that clear publicly because the players were late publicly and seems disinterested publicly to change so…it’s time for Todd Bowles to not come across as someone whose approach is viewed as casual when addressing tardiness with professionals on a 5-11 team. As my father once said your grades maybe bad but your behavior better not be …maybe the team stinks but not excuse for tolerating repeated lateness by players who are well paid and looked upon as leaders of the team. Unacceptable!


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