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Smallthoughts:Rant of the Week …Phil Jackson

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New York Knicks president Phil Jackson watches his
Bad news Knick fans it seems as if the Knicks and Phil Jackson are going to continue together for the next two years.
The Knicks and Phil Jackson have picked up their options on the final two years of his contract, according to a report by ESPN.com
Usually someone gets to stay when they have done a good job and is rewarded. Not the case with Phil Jackson …consider the following:

The Knicks have lost at least 50 games all three seasons under him and have gone 80-166 in that span. They ended 2016-17 with a 31-51 mark after beating the 76ers in their finale Wednesday night. Since taking the reins in March 2014, Jackson has overhauled the roster multiple times. He brought in a total of 33 players, and only Carmelo Anthony is left from the team that Jackson inherited. Anthony could be moved this summer.

Jackson also has appointed three head coaches — Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis and Jeff Hornacek — and insisted they run the triangle offense. That system helped Jackson win an NBA-record 11 championships as coach of the Bulls and Lakers. Many in the NBA consider the system outdated, but the Knicks went all-in on the triangle after the All-Star break and Hornacek said they will run it from the start of training camp. Yet Jackson failed to realize it wasn’t the Triangle that hurt the Knicks it was their lack of defense they disinterest in even making a defensive posture that doomed their season not oh we didn’t run the Triangle enough!

Jackson’s best moves have been drafting Kristaps Porzingis and acquiring the draft rights to Willy Hernangomez.Jackson will have a high lottery pick, two second-round choices and roughly $20 million to use in free agency as he tries to rebuild the Knicks into a playoff team next season. Be honest Knicks even with these assets working in the Knicks favor you can’t feel good about next season knowing Jackson gets to hit the reboot button yet again!




  1. It’s a travesty! No N.Y. iconic team should be this bad continuously. Impeach Phil Jackson & boycott the Knicks until James “I know nothing about basketball” Dolan either sells the team or croaks!!!

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Hank my man welcome where have you been? Dolan isn’t selling the team.Crazy thing is the Knicks are awful yet the Rangers are good under the same owner.

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