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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Aaron Hernandez

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Sometimes what starts out in sports spills into real life, O.J. Simpson murder trail, Penn State, Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky and now Aaron Hernandez. The focus on all three went from the accomplishments on the field (ironically all in football) to the tragedies to follow in their personal lives that engulfed others. Hernandez left behind a fiance’ and a daughter and the victim of the life he took Odin Lloyd in 2013. Alexander Bradley, once Hernandez’s close friend who the defense claimed was a drug dealer, violent criminal and liar. Bradley claimed Hernandez once shot him in the face. And that was someone he considered a close friend…what if Bradley was an enemy? This whole thing is one big tragedy for everyone other than Hernandez consider: two immigrants from Cape Verde, Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu, are also dead, with no closure for their families. Hernandez was acquitted in a double murder trail which some thought would open the door to his being re tried off his life sentence, all of which makes his suicide all the more strange by the sheer timing of it. If nothing else we have learned yet again, the even when a star shines bright even one like Hernandez who had it all money, fame, family and brilliant career, for some despite the bright lights underneath is dark clouds of a troubled and violet life. Aaron Hernandez had it all and lost it all and by age 27 is now dead. This isn’t about just sports this was a tragedy in life.



  1. The real tragedy are the lives lost to senseless violence and the fact that society treats these deaths with such apathy , then wants to deal with rhetoric and pragmatism rather than the real issue at hands . There’s a pandemic at hand , our governmental and social leaders do not and will not deal with it .

    As for Aaron Hernandez having it all , it was clear from his days in college. he lacked the maturity to handle himself , much act like an adult . Way too much posturing and appeasing his behavior and excuses being made for it . That’s the truth that no one has yet to state

    • bklynboy59 says:

      No it has been stated many places that everyone in the NFL when he was drafted knew he was trouble which is why team’s stayed cleared of him. Belechick took him because of Belechick’s friendship with then Florida coach Urban Meyer.The patriots knew what they were getting themselves into with Hernandez yet they went ahead drafted him he played well and they rewarded him and the rest we know blew up completely from there. The tragedy as stated before are the lives he wrecked not his life he chose to take.

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