Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week…Kevin Durant

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Stop hating on Kevin Durant, stop with he took the easy way out to win a title nonsense. Tell me something who, what superstar was lining up to go to Oklahoma City to play with him and Russell Westbrook ? I’m waiting …yes exactly what I thought …no one, Wade went to Chicago…and LaMarcus Aldridge went to San Antonio. Give Durant credit for seeing the landscape for what it is …win now and win a lot now and still get paid while winning. Lebron is going to look to reload whether it is in Cleveland or some where else with other star players.  No one is going to hate on him anymore for that. Yet it gets nasty on Durant because he joined a 73 win team, the same team who beat him in the playoffs just last season, guess what …he used the changes in the rules to do what he thought was best …either stay in Oklahoma and get knocked out of the playoffs in the Western Conference where even the 8th seeded team would be a top team in the Eastern Conference or go where he can get paid now and have the best chance to win now. Looks like his going to Golden State worked out just fine. Don’t Hate , just congratulate!

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