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My being a Knick fan is really being tested by the minute as long as Phil Jackson continues to be in charge of making basketball decisions for this franchise. I thought this franchise hit rock bottom during Isaiah Thomas reign of error(2003-2008) but that was mild considering how bad this reign of terror is under Phil Jackson. What executive undermines his hand picked coach by showing up during practice and cuts right in and takes over the practice and expounds the wonders of the Triangle offense time and time again? This isn’t someone else’s words this was his words in a interview that was carried on WFAN earlier this year on a end of season conference with the media. That was bad enough, he has done everything possible to make Carmelo Anthony throw up his hands and say enough already by picking a public fight with his highest paid star (that he signed to a big time contract which still has 2 years to run) saying that “We have not been able to win with him on the court at this time and I think the direction with our team is that he is a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talent somewhere he can win or chase that championship,” again it was Phil Jackson signed him to a 5 year 124 million dollar contract. Back in July of 2014 this was Jackson’s own words when he announced the team resigned Carmelo Anthony…”After three months of questions around Carmelo Anthony’s return to the New York Knicks, we are now happy to know that we have the cornerstone of what we envision as a ‘team of excellence.'” Jackson said. “Steve Mills and I have assured Carmelo through our conversations, that we share the vision and the determination to build this team.” fast forward three years he wants no part of Carmelo Anthony. To make it worse he gave Anthony a no trade clause so he can’t get rid of hi even if he wants to so he has to burn everything around him just to force Anthony’s hand to agree to a deal that will get him out of New York. That is bad enough but Phil Jackson’s bullying attempt to show Kristaps Porzingis who is boss for skipping out on a exit interview, which by the way isn’t the first time a player skipped out on Phil Jackson on a exit interview (Shaq did it not once but twice)

  • The first time was when Shaquille O’Neal opted not to schedule an exit interview with the Lakers in 2003. At the time, Jackson said he was “upset” and called it “disrespectful to us as a staff,” per the Associated Press.
  • The second time was also with O’Neal, and it happened the very next year in 2004. This time, per ESPN, O’Neal canceled his exit interview with the Lakers, and the next season he was on the Miami Heat.

It’s one thing to be upset when an employee blows off a meeting but to be mean spirited by making the best thing this franchise has going for it since Patrick Ewing subject to trade talks simply because he blew off an exit interview doesn’t come across as what i best for the franchise. Jackson comes off as nothing more than petty and mean. It’s easy to be 71 and pick on a 21 year old. But to claim trading him is about the future???Really whose future? Porzingis is 21 soon to be 22 who hasn’t ht his full potential yet. Yet you want to trade the one building block you should be looking to put good players around? Clueless! Can you imagine the feedback if Jackson gets his way and still trades Porzingis? To quote a friend of mine …if Phil trades Porzingis I burn whatever knick things I have and film it post on youtube…At that point I will be done with the Knicks. I have been a Knick fan since their first championship I seen the best and worse Jackson beat all.

Even if the Knicks draft pick is a good player or turn out to be the best point guard the Knicks have had in years as a Knick fan I am conflicted going forward, because Jackson will look good if this player is any kind of good, yet we know Jackson is clueless as an executive. I have ranted about Phil Jackson before so this is nothing new, great coach once upon a time great at head games lousy at building a winning culture and a team as an executive. He has to go and now…I am almost done as a knick fan …Just when you think this has hit rock bottom Jackson goes to a deeper level of bottom. He has to go …now!

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