Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Steve Mills

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Just when you think Knicks were heading in the right direction when they fired Phil Jackson  Then they botched a slam dunk hire in former Cavs GM David Griffin. And who is in charge ? Steve Mills. Steve Mills? Can anyone explain when did he become Red Auerbach? Since when did Mills become the man to make the final decisions on all basketball matters? He jockeyed himself in position to become the new permanent Team President replacing Jackson and now as of this post have hired Scott Perry to basically be his flunky. Let’s hope Mills does a Dolan and gets out the way and let Perry really run the franchise. How dysfunctional can a franchise be? Can this franchise ever be saved ? Is Scott Perry the man to turn this franchise around, or is it doomed yet one more time …stay tuned for the answers …same Knick time same Knick channel!!!

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10 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Steve Mills

  1. It’s sad what has happened to one of the league’s (former) flagship franchises. The days of Riles and Van Gundy feel as if they happened inside a different lifetime.

    1. Consistency and sound management has been the thing lacking with the New York Knicks over the last six seasons at least. Even more worrisome was the thought that beyond the possible trading of Carmelo Anthony , there were rumors the front office were showing interest in sending Kristaps Porzingis to another team.

      If the New York Knicks were a publicly traded company on the NYSE the entire board of directors would have been fired and there would have been a shareholder revolt . There’s a tendency to blame the head coach and coaching staff , but yet no one ever wants to blame mismanagement and the lack of direction on the executives.

      1. Not true ownership has been called to the carpet and many players have rejected the Knicks as a option because of Dolan . I know plenty of fans who are ready to abandon the team because of Dolan mismanagement of the team

      1. Ownership has been called to the carpet and the players have rejected the Knicks as an option. James Dolan remains in place , there’s been no vocal outrage from players on the Knicks’ roster, so ergo , things will remain as they are . Steve Mills brings absolutely nothing to the table and Scott Perry’s resume’ might as well have been written with a Crayola as it is lightweight and has no substance.

      2. It not just player outrage. Owners aren’t like players if you don’t like them you can make noise and the players can get traded. Owners don’t change unless something changes big time.

      3. Owners such as James Dolan are not concerned with team success . They’re more concerned with the bottom line , profit and loss statements . Just a pity Dolan doesn’t have the insight to realize he needs to have a great coaching staff and product on a basketball court . It’s something which has been lacking with the franchise for several years.

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