Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Dallas Cowboys

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Explain this to me …it’s ok to have a player who was arrested for domestic violence on your roster (Greg Hardy) and a current player who allegedly accused on domestic violence and who may be facing a suspension or not yet be accused of petit larceny and you get cut. What a double standard. On top of that the Cowboys didn’t even wait to see if the accusation was true.




Dallas officials made the decision within hours of news emerging that the third-year player was charged with petit larceny in June in his native Virginia. There is an active warrant for his arrest for failure to appear on the misdemeanor charge earlier this month, according to Prince William County police.

Whitehead’s agent is claiming a case of mistaken identity. But head coach Jason Garrett said the team made a necessary act.

“We just felt like the best decision for the Dallas Cowboys was to release him,” Garrett said. “We felt that’s good for us going forward and hopefully good for him going forward, a little bit of a wakeup call.”

Garrett said the team talked with Whitehead and authorities in making the decision, and took into account his career with Dallas.

“We’ve had some different incidents with Lucky,” Garrett said, “and he just hasn’t responded the right way.” So they used this as a excuse to cut a player and say well he wasn’t working out anyway?? Does it makes sense or not?? How about find out all the facts first before making a decision?

David Rich, Whitehead’s agent, said that Whitehead was not even in Virginia at 1:30 a.m. on June 22nd, when the alleged incident occurred. According to Virginia authorities, police were called to a convenience store and cited a man identified as Rodney Darnell Whitehead Jr. – Lucky’s full name – for petit larceny of under $200. The offense: taking about $40 worth of food and drink from the store, said Prince William County Police Sgt. Jonathan Perok. Whitehead was released on a court summons.

Rich said Whitehead didn’t arrive in the state until 11:30 a.m. on the 22nd, and that he was in town for a free camp for kids the next day.

Whitehead didn’t appear for the court hearing because he didn’t know about it, Rich said.

As he was exiting the field from a walk-through session Monday morning, Whitehead said he didn’t know about the warrant.

Whitehead, Rich said, is disappointed the Cowboys didn’t give him a day to clear his name. He also said the team had already made up its mind, evidenced by the decision to draft  Ryan Switzer.

So in the end what was the rush to cut Whitehead? By the time he was cut he was cleared of the charges and he was able to land a job with the New York Jets who for once …ready? Got Lucky!

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2 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Dallas Cowboys

  1. Jerry Jones’ mantra all along. I mean if you can tolerate the lifestyles of Michael Irvin (substance issues ) and Deion Sanders (alcoholism and drug use) while winning , then it doesn’t matter at all . That’s the hypocrisy of the NFL and yet , no one really gives a damn, just as long as the teams and players are making money .

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