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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…NFL

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I know many of you football fans are excited that Football is coming back, training camps are open and the usual battles for roster spots are beginning. Yet the NFL wants in the worse way to hope you don’t see what is going on behind the curtain. Like in the Wizard of Oz when the Wizard was exposed …the NFL hopes you will pay more attention to training camp and HBO’s Hardknocks , the NFL Network and the preseason games and not see what is going on behind the curtain. This week the Miami Dolphins lost their starting quarterback Ryan Tannenhill due to injury leaving them with a opening. They immediately signed Jay Cutler formerly of the Chicago Bears and recently retired. He didn’t stay retired long as he was offered a 1 year deal for 10 million. Jay Cutler, the same Jay Cutler who frustrated his coaches and fans  for years with erratic play and behavior that scream total jerk. He was given another chance.

Yet there sits another player who wasn’t even given the consideration by the Dolphins…Colin Kaepernick. You remember him don’t you? His crime against the NFL? For standing for what he believed in or rather sit in protest for what he believe was an injustice. This is the same league that will give second chances to players who are arrested and punished for domestic violence, players who fail drug test, players who are busted for DUI and drugs none of which has come up on Kaepernick’s profile. Yet this off season …he can’t get a job in the NFL and the only way he could see a game is if he buys a ticket.

This offseason alone the Jets got rid of Ryan Fritzpatrick here was a opening yet the Jets chose to sign underwhelming Josh Mc Cown to groom Christian Hackenberg to be the next Jet quarterback and no one with the Jets can say for certain if Hackenberg can…Hack it. Yet no Kaepernick. Geno Smith also let go by the Jets who was most noted for getting punched in the face by a teammate over 600 dollars was signed by the Giants to hold a clipboard because we know Eli Manning is going to play all the snaps because Eli never gets hurt.

Then we have the Baltimore Ravens who we mentioned last week hemmed and hawed over whether or not to sign Kaepernick. Since the owner is the one who has the final say we are dumping this at his feet and he is the one who hemmed and hawed very publicly we might add. And then we have the Miami Dolphins who I just covered earlier . So four instances where Colin Kapernick could have landed else way and zip nothing. Not even Jerry Jones has stepped up usually Jones is noted for doing the opposite of everyone else among the owners and he gives second chances like we eat…regular Yet we are not to believe that the NFL has blackballed …Colin Kaepernick . They really don’t want you to see behind the curtain. Because they want to hide the ugly side of their business

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  1. Cayman Thorn says:

    I wanted the Dolphins to sign Kap. I thought he was a great idea for a coach who knows how to get the most out of QB’s. Kap has all the tools and I thought that if everything worked out, he would either score himself a contract somewhere else after this season or we would have our next QB.

    I hope a team signs him soon. And I hope he makes a lot of these owners who passed on him sorry for doing so.

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