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I know I have been away for a litte bit but anyone want to explain to me Jerry Jones logic ….he doesn’t want the players , his players disrespecting the American flag or not standing for the national anthem but it’s okay for his players to disrespect women or show no respect for the law . His roster both now and in recent seasons have had players that he picked and signed that have both disrespected the law and disrespected women and have had the law deal with them. So maybe Jones needs to get his facts straight on the word disrespect and get it straight about preaching and not have his house in order.

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One thought on “Smallthoughts:Rant of the Week … Jerry Jones

  1. That’s the logic of Jerry Jones who will now let it be known all of the players on the Cowboys’ roster will be referred to as Toby , as he got the inspiration for this . having seen the latest reincarnation of the television classic ” Roots ” . Jones did refer to the players as his property and last I looked the Dallas Cowboys weren’t being operated as a slave plantation. Then again, I might be wrong , because not one of the players have spoken out in defiance of Jones and how he’s referred to them. Not really surprised , because what you see is what you get with the Cowgirls , as I now refer to them.

    In Jones’ world this is how he’d like to operate the Cowboys .

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