Smallthoughts: Rant of the Weekend…New York Giants

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Normally I would save this for my rant of the week but this game and the Giants performance was so disgraceful that I couldn’t let this pass, so this is my rant of the weekend.

It was all smiles when Mc Adoo was promoted to head coach from Offensive Coordinator under Tom Coughlin. After going 11-5 last season the expectation was super bowl. Now it’s the complete opposite no one is smiling and every one is disgusted plain and simple. The owner Tim Mara, is disgusted with the team so much he can barely watch, yesterday’s game was the kind of game that will get General Manager Jerry Resse  head coach Ben Mc Adoo and his coaching staff fired . Let that sink in fully clean house fired.

Even of the Giants won the rest of their games …and finished 9-7 this regime is done. The Giants aren’t running the table and finish 9-7 ok let’s be real. In football you don’ fire everyone mid season. But after the season fair game. The Rams are a good team but come on these guys aren’t that good. This isn’t the greatest team on turf of the 90’s early 2000’s. The Giants played with no pride, the practiced with no respect for their coaches and the no respect for their fans to turn in a awful performance like that. Those guys on the field are not Giants. The Giants play with pride, where was their pride yesterday?Those players don’t deserve to wear the uniform …Giants won’t win every game but even in the worse of time the y play with PRIDE!!! The Jets who no one expected anything from this year a tank year are 4-5 and play with Pride and could even be 5-4 if they closed out the Falcons. But they are young, hungry and play for their coach. Mc Adoo can’t get his players to show up on time which is why in that last two weeks he has suspended two players …as I texted a friend of mine yesterdy about the game…it can only be summed up in one word…DISGRACEFUL!

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