Smallthoughts : Rant of the Week…Kansas City Chiefs

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They started out a house on fire they beat the Patriots, raced to a 5-0 record and looked like they could unseat the Patriots in the AFC. Then the Chiefs imploded…they are now 6-6 in the AFC west in a three way tie with the Raiders and the Chargers. Due to injures they ended up signing Darrelle Revis. Revis first game was against his former team the New York Jets. He looked nothing like the Darrelle Revis Jet fans used to love. They ended up losing to the Jets 38-31. With 4 games left the Chiefs need to turn it around asap. The question is will they ? Three of the last 4 games are within their division and all 4 are in their conference. No wiggle room here they need to run the table to get in the playoffs or no one will remember their 5-0 start.

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