Smallthoughts:Rant of the Week …New England Patriots

Image result for New England Patriots Brady Belichick and Kraft

Image result for New England Patriots Brady Belichick and Kraft

There is finally a crack in the armor that is the success of the New England Patriots. A story came out during the week that created a uproar in Boston that all three of New England’s big 3 Belechick Brady and Kraft are in the midst of a drama that seems to be centered around Tom Brady wanting to play 4 or 5 years and more to the point it centered around why the Patriots traded back up quarterback Jimmy  Garoppolo to the 49ers. The story painted Brady in a bad light as a ego run a muck by pushing Kraft and eventually Belechick to make the deal sending  Garoppolo packing. All three released a statement claiming to be on the same page but this has rippling affects as there is some wishful thinking at least in New York of Belechick leaked the story so he could get out of New England so he could make his way to New York. Is it true? Who knows. I will say this it made for good drama good print and there is more to come as offensive coordinator Josh Mc Daniels and defenive coordinator Matt Patricia are rumored to be heading else where for head coaching jobs Mc Daniels possibly heading to Indianapolis or Tennessee and Patricia rumored to be heading to Detroit. That would leave the Patriots short on top coaches now what if Belechick also forced his way out ( Heavy rumors have Belechick returning to the Giants). We will believe it when it happens. In the meantime expect the Patriots to use this as fuel to get them back to the super bowl. Now if someone can match that fuel and actually knock off the Patriots …that would be a bigger story.




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