Smallthoughts: Josh Mc Daniels Had better Be the Next Patriots Head coach

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Colts GM Chris Ballard was obviously upset. He was trying to move quickly to put this behind him for the sake of his own sanity and the for the sake of the franchise. Here is what he said happened Josh Mc Daniels called: “He said he had bad news for me,” Ballard revealed. “I just said, I just needed a yes-or-no answer. ‘Are you in or out?’ We went around for a minute and he said he’s out, and I said, ‘OK. We’re going to move forward and I wish you the best of luck.'”

Make no mistake this has already cost McDaniels his agent and whatever credibility he had left around the league. Going back on your word may not mean as much in sports because it is seen the other when Owners cut players the minute they no longer perform, but in this case going back on your word had repercussions that clearly affected many others than just Mc Daniels.

In a stunning move because of the timing and the lack of consideration of the many new coaches that were now going to be part of the new head coaches staff, Josh Mc Daniels turns down the Colts …AFTER he agreed to the job. AFTER he and the Colts put together a coaching staff that would work for Mc Daniels…AFTER Mc Daniels made sure he got more money from the Patriots and a wink wink that he would be the next coach of the New England Patriots when current head coach Bill Belichick finally leaves. By the way the story about McDaniels having a change of heart because of his family and his love of the Patriots doesn’t wash. Anyone who is applying for a new job consultants their family first. If the family is all in then yes the person goes all in for the job especially if it is going to require a move across the country. Makes sense right? Of Course. So let’s cut out the nonsense that he was concerned about uprooting his family, next he ACTIVELY sought out a head coaching position he interview not only the Colts job but the Giants job as well. If he was that concerned about uprooting then he should have rejected the Colts interview from the BEGINNING. Not wait until the last minute after coaches for his  had been hired. Now the Colts have to find a new head coach after all the other coaching candidates have been hired by other teams in this off season.

McDaniels got not cold feet but got cute and use one last ditch effort to see if Kraft would raise the ante resulting in getting more money and more of a say …well it worked. Kraft not thinking about the rippling effects of retaining McDaniels gave in and that set the wheels in motion to back track on the Colts. But what happens to all those assistant coaches that was ready to up root their families and leave their current jobs to be part of McDaniels of his staff. Bridges get burned with this type of power play and only serves to heat up the dislike that will now follow the New England Patriots. Picture teams with these assistant coaches who were now left holding by McDaniels, seeing the Patriots on their schedule getting their players really hyped up to play the Patriots. Not that it should have to come to that but just that little extra hype…like Chris Ballard said “The rivalry is back on,”

The Colts deserve someone who is all in. Apparently McDaniels was not all in. Josh McDaniels better end up as head coach of the Patriots otherwise as his agent said he just committed professional suicide.

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