Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Jenrry Mejia

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Maybe you missed this little news story …Red Sox sign previously banned Mejia to minor league deal . Here’s the rub …Jenrry Mejia was banned for life after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDS) on 3 separate occasions. Not one not two but three times. Yes the Comissioner reinstated Mejia after meeting with him. Yes it’s about giving a person another chance, but look at all the free agent relievers that are still available Red Sox own Craig Kimbrel, amoung others and the best Boston can do is sign a three cheat? This isn’t sitting well with several players and normally the players are more supportive about their own ….

Justin Verlander tweeted …What’s the point??? Smh
Peter Moylan also tweeted…Hows my offseason going? This guy had a lifetime ban and still signed before me!!!
And this tweet from Josh Reddick …Cheating is NOT ok… oh wait maybe it is.
Being that Mejia is signed to a minor league deal he isn’t guaranteed a roster spot in spring training. He could start the year in the minors and then get called up during the season. If you think things are heated now wait and see the responses by the players should Mejia gets the call.

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