Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week…New York Knicks


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It remains to be seen if the trade of Kristpas Porzingis actually in the long run nets them Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant but one thing is certain…this trade made the Knicks players in the 2019 free agent market. That in it self is big news because in recent years the Knick couldn’t get free agents to come to New York City they couldn’t even get some free agents to even have a sit down with them (LaMarcus Aldridge). Again it remains to be seen how things pan out will the Knicks hit it big on the free agent market or will they whiff and if they whiff will they sign second tier free agents to max contracts?. One thing for sure …there is no doubt they have put themselves in position to at long last be real players at up grading their roster.

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