Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Manny Machado

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Manny got paid…mucho money …300 million dollars for 10 years to play baseball in New York ? No. Philadelphia? No. Los Angeles? No. San Diego? San Diego???perfect weather San Diego?Yes. Does he even know what state San Diego is in? We know two things …Machado wanted the money and he got it all 300 million and we know he isn’t about winning baseball. There are two other players in this crazy baseball era that went to lesser markets for big money at the expense of landing in winning markets ….Alex Rodriquez his original 10 year 250 million dollar contract was with the Texas Rangers, he made them relevant but won nothing there, the more recent money grab was Robinson Cano 10 years 240 million dollars from the Seattle Mariners. Turned down a chance to stay with the Yankees and continue winning yet sort to go for the money. San Diego has nice beautiful weather the Padres are the only game in town and … the games start while everyone is sleep or about to sleep on the east coast. Looks like Machado chose to play in obscurity. Hope he likes San Diego alot he is going to see alot of for at least 5 years before he can opt out after year 5. Let’s check back on him in 5 years.

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