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I came across this while on Twitter. Chuck D twitted about Black history and how it slowly fades as older generations die off then he gave an example and stated did you know that a black woman actually owned a Negro League team her name was Hilda Bolden. So as I started researching this I ran across her father who was Ed Bolden who actually owned a team  and started a rival Negro League the Eastern Negro League in 1923.  There is so much to this story. Usually this post on Tuesdays come with video, but this isn’t about athletic achievement as much as the man behind a league MLB  pays lip service to that our own history ignores and little is said and truly passed on. There is a book called Ed Bolden and Black Baseball in Philadelphia that gives the story of Ed Bolden his rise and prominence in the Negro Leagues and in particular is impart on Baseball in Philadelphia. The book is written by Courtney Michelle Smith.

There is another link you might find interesting that gives information on Ed Bolden that I couldn’t cover in a single post.

Here is another link this article was written by Michael Haupert.

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday spotlights …Ed Bolden.



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