Knicks, Nuggets, NFL Playoffs and the New York Rangers

Knicks, Nuggets, NFL Playoffs and the New York Rangers… Tonight was the first time both the Knicks and Nuggets have met since the big trade that sent Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks, the Knicks came in to the game on a 5 game losing streak, now it is a 6 game losing andContinue reading “Knicks, Nuggets, NFL Playoffs and the New York Rangers”

NBA, the Jets and Texas Rangers

NBA, the Jets and Texas Rangers…   NBA Michael Jordan made the comment recently that the one player that compares closest to himself is not Lebron James but Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan won six NBA Championships in his career. Jordan was the NBA Finals MVP for all six championships. Kobe Bryant has won five NBAContinue reading “NBA, the Jets and Texas Rangers”

Thoughts around the NBA…

Thoughts around the NBA… Lakers and Mavericks played last night and the final score looked like a college basketball score. Led by Derek Fisher’s three pointers the Lakers beat the Mavs 73-70. Kobe did not have one of his better games shooting 7-22 finishing with 14 points. Dallas didn’t exactly shoot lights either…yet the LakersContinue reading “Thoughts around the NBA…”

The New York Jets are like TNT they know drama

Just for the record I am a life long  JetFan so… Let me make sure I got this straight, while all Jet fans are happy to see Brian Schottenheimer go, myself included; the New York Jets are convinced that a coach a former head coach from one of their division rivals is going to goContinue reading “The New York Jets are like TNT they know drama”