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Smallthoughts: To:Ryan Shazier Hope You Will be Able to Get Back On Your Feet

Last night I watched like everyone else Monday Night Football between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. It was very physical game between two hated rivals to be sure and injuries were all over the place but one injury was more stunning than the rest . Ryan Shazier got hurt on one play that left him unable to getup on his on. You can see him pointing to his lower back and all I thought i I hope the injury isn’ta spinal injury. Jet fans remember seeing something like this to Dennis Byrd which ended his career.

Here is hoping that Ryan Shazier will be able to walk never mind play football. This play just goes to show the nature of how dangerous and the risk of serious injury can happen at anytime in Football.

Again Smallthoughtsinasportsworld hopes that Ryan Shazier will recover from this injury and be able to walk.


Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Anthony Munoz

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In order for a quarterback to be successful he needs to have people to protect his front and back…he needs a great Tackle …in this case Anthony Munoz.

He is considered one of the greatest offensive lineman in NFL History.

Muñoz was the third overall pick in the 1980 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. His selection was viewed as a major risk by many pundits since knee problems limited the 6 ft. 6 in., 280-pound Muñoz to just a combined sixteen games in his junior and senior seasons. Muñoz became a starter in his rookie season and remained a fixture at left tackle for the Bengals for 13 seasons and is considered one of, if not the greatest, offensive linemen in NFL history. Despite his history of injuries, Muñoz missed just three games during his first 12 seasons. His rigorous workout routine included working out in the weight room he had installed in his home and running three to four miles every day.

In addition to his talents as a blocker, Anthony Muñoz was also a capable receiver, notching seven receptions for 18 yards and scoring four touchdowns on tackle-eligible plays, including one in 1984 from rookie quarterback Boomer Esiason against the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland.

Muñoz played both Bengals’ Super Bowl appearances, XVI and XXIII, both narrow losses to the San Francisco 49ers.

Muñoz was the Offensive Lineman of the Year in 19811987, and 1988, and was awarded the NFL Players Association Lineman of the Year honors in 1981, 1985, 1988, and 1989. The NFL Alumni Association voted Munoz the Offensive Lineman of the Year four times (1987, 1989–1991). He won the Seagram’s Seven Crowns of Sports award for Offensive Lineman of the Year in 1981 and 1986.

At the time of his retirement, his Pro Bowl selections were tied with Tom Mack for the most ever by an offensive lineman in league history, and also set the Bengals franchise record as well. In 1994, Muñoz was named to the National Football League 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. In 1999, he was ranked #17 on Sporting News list of the 100 greatest football players and was the highest-ranked offensive lineman. In 2010, he was ranked #12 on the NFL Network‘s The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players list and again was the highest-ranked offensive lineman.

Anthony Munoz was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1998.

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday spotlights Anthony Munoz.

Career history
Career highlights and awards
Career NFL statistics
Games played: 185
Games started: 182

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Ken Anderson

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When you think of all time great quarterbacks…why doesn’t the name of Ken Anderson ever come up? Ken Stabler …no problem Terry Bradshaw …no problem  both played in the same time frame as Ken Anderson both received more recognition than Anderson. But for you stat freaks check these numbers out about Ken Anderson:

In his 16 NFL seasons, Anderson completed 2,654 of 4,475 passes (59.3%) for 32,838 yards and 197 touchdowns and 160 interceptions. He also gained 2,220 rushing yards and 20 touchdowns on 397 carries. His completions, passing yards, and touchdown passes are all Bengals records. His 2,220 rushing yards are the most ever by a Bengals quarterback. Anderson led the NFL in quarterback rating four times during his career (1974, ’75, ’81 and ’82) and led the league in passing yards twice (1974, 1975). He was selected to four Pro Bowls (1975-76 & 1981-82). Anderson was voted All-Pro in 1981, 2nd Team All-Pro in 1975 and 2nd Team All-AFC in 1974 & 1982.

As of 2017’s NFL off-season, Ken Anderson held at least 31 Bengals franchise records, including:

  • Completions: career (2,654), game (40 on 1982-12-20 @SDG), playoffs (110), playoff season (53 in 1981)
  • Pass Attempts: career (4,475), playoffs (166), playoff season (77 in 1981)
  • Passing Yards: career (32,838), playoffs (1,321), playoff season (653 in 1981), playoff game (354 on 1983-01-09 NYJ)
  • Passing TDs: career (197), playoffs (9), playoff season (5 in 1981), playoff game (2 on 1983-01-09 NYJ; with Boomer Esiason)
  • Intercepted: career (160), season (22 in 1978; with Boomer EsiasonJon Kitna), playoffs (6), playoff season (3 in 1982; with Boomer EsiasonAndy Dalton), playoff game (3 on 1983-01-09 NYJ, with Andy Dalton)
  • Passer Rating: playoffs (93.5)
  • Sacked: career (398), season (46 in 1979, with Andy Dalton), playoff game (5 on 1982-01-24 N SFO, with Boomer Esiason)
  • Yds/Pass Att: playoffs (7.96), playoff season (10.11 in 1982), playoff game (10.11 on 1983-01-09 NYJ)
  • Pass Yds/Game: season (277.2 in 1982), playoffs (220.2), playoff season (354 in 1982)
  • 300+ yard passing games: playoffs (2)

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday spotlights Ken Anderson.

Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week…Enes Canter

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Let’ be honest Knick fans we were happy to see Phil Jackson go, happy to Carmelo Anthony go, but wondered did the Knicks get enough back in the Anthony trade to Oklahoma City. Well it’s early but after 21 games the Knicks look like a better team and look like they are in a better place. It’s possible that Dylan Mc Dermott and Enes Canter was enough in return for Carmelo Anthony. On it’s face no but Canter has provide needed muscle for the Knicks. Don’t forget it was Canter who go in Lebron James face. So Oakley like. Canter seems to like really like playing in New York . This season he has averaged 14 points and 10.4 rebounds per game. He is the enforcer around thebasket the Knicks have lacked in a while. Its good to see something finally breaking right for the Knicks.

Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …New York Giants

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Before I start my rant let me say to all Giant fans …Now you know what Knick fans Mets fans and Jet fans have been going through with dysfunction.

Now it seems the Giants are now the poster boys of dysfunction. They can’t do anything right, say anything right and can’t even handle their own public relations right. Case in point …the benching of Eli Manning.

This season has been ugly no doubt about it. The fans are having a hard time to stomach a 2-9 team. Alot was expected of this team this was a team with super bowl expectations. Starting with a 0-3 didn’t help then the injuries that wipe out their receiving corps made things worse. The offensive line which was suspect to begin with was even worse as the season wore on. They can’t run the football and the receivers that are healthy can’t catch the football. Yet it is all Eli Manning’s fault. His coach said so. One published report went on record to sat that McAdoo, for some time, has been chirping in the Giants’ building to others about Manning’s lack of arm strength, lack of mobility, bad decisions, and an inability to win with him.

Really?? Manning has 2 super bowl rings 2 super bowl MVPS. Beat Tom Brady not once but twice. What’s Mc Adoo got? Eli has beaten Brett Farve in Green Bay in the coldest game of year in the NFC Championship game that got the Giants to the super bowl in 2007. McAdoo has been pricky with the media all season, when you are 11-5 you can get away with it but when you are 2-9 …not so fast so the wolves in the media are out in full force. But Mc Adoo did himself no favors for his excuses for bad play. He is a broken record week after week like Rich Kotite used to be with the Jets back in the 1996 season when they went 1-15. As bad as Mc Adoo has been as coach, Jerry Resse has been worse ignoring the offensive line not doing anything to upgrade it give your franchise quarterback protection and when your head coach whines about what he doesn’t like about Eli he says nothing to put his coach in check. You got two Super Bowl rings on the back of Eli. Not on the playbook of Ben Mc Adoo. So for him to sign off on Eli getting benched smells rotten to the core.

Then to make matters worse they bench Eli in favor of Geno Smith. Yes the same Geno Smith that went 12-18 as a starter with the New York Jets , the same Geno Smith that couldn’t get a job hat in hand with any other team in the NFL other than the Giants. So now you are telling me Geno Smith gives you the best chance to win now??? Please!!!

We like to think that John Mara is the voice of reason with the Giants but where was his voice of reason when these two idiots came to him and said we are going to bench a 2 time super bowl winner in favor of a guy who is lucky to be in the league…he too did himself no favors either. He should have fired both of them on the spot. Stick up for the man who put two super bowl trophies in his trophy case. Since you can’t fire an owner then the other idiots need to go. Generally the Giants are looked at as a classy organization and usually handles things better has a better grip on p.r. yet this has blown all of that away. Many Giant fans are hoping Eli ends up in Jacksonville with Tom Coughlin …it would serve the Giants right. The next Giant franchise quarterback isn’t on the roster but the current one is and this is how you treat him? Even players and former Giant players disagree with this move, disagree how it was handled.

One current Giants player said: “It’s not smart. You just made Eli immortal now. You traded five games for his dignity and for all he did for you? Did you think about who you are dealing with? He’s stood for everything you stand for. I don’t see anything positive coming out of it.”

One executive was quoted as saying”I have a ton of respect for Eli not agreeing to play just halves of football to keep his consecutive game streak going,” an NFC East general manager said. “They should have let him finish the season. You’re 2-9 and you’re not going anywhere. Let him finish with some honor. Let him be the only quarterback who started every game he played for the Giants. Let him be that. Or if he plays and struggles in these last five games, put in the backups you want to take a look at then. But don’t go to him with that. There’s got to be a better way.”

Enough is enough time for both Mc Adoo and Resse to be shown the door.


Smallthhoughts : Trivia Thursday

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How did you do with this week’s question?

If you answered …Holyoke, Massachusetts you are correct.

According to Wikipedia on the origin of Volleyball… On February 9, 1895, in Holyoke, Massachusetts (United States), William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical education director, created a new game called Mintonette as a pastime to be played (preferably) indoors and by any number of players. The game took some of its characteristics from tennis and handball. Another indoor sport, basketball, was catching on in the area, having been invented just ten miles (sixteen kilometers) away in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, only four years before. Mintonette was designed to be an indoor sport, less rough than basketball, for older members of the YMCA, while still requiring a bit of athletic effort.

Smallthoughts: Trivia Thursday

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Welcome to this week’s Smallthoughts: Trivia Thursday. Are you ready for this week’s question?

The answer will be posted on Friday along with Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week and Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week.