Knicks, Nuggets, NFL Playoffs and the New York Rangers

Knicks, Nuggets, NFL Playoffs and the New York Rangers…

Tonight was the first time both the Knicks and Nuggets have met since the big trade that sent Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks, the Knicks came in to the game on a 5 game losing streak, now it is a 6 game losing and the clock is ticking on Dantoni’s coaching career in New York. The Nuggets beat the Knicks in double overtime 119-114 with the players the Knicks traded to get Carmelo. Tim Mosgov and Danilo Galinari combined for 53 points. As much as I like the move to get Tyson Chandler it is obvious they miss Chancey Billups at the point. They figure this out quickly this is a 66 game season not 82 games and this slow start can make the difference between not making the playoffs and maybe squeezing into as the 8th seed.

The NFL playoffs resumes on Sunday and this is not for the weak hearted. The Giants play the San Francisco 49ers and the Patriots play the Baltimore Ravens.

I will admit I didn’t give the Giants much of a chance to get through the season never mind the playoffs, but they are here and it looks like 2007 all over again. But the 49er defense believes in putting running backs in body bags… so …I am going jump on the Giant bandwagon. And I like the Ravens over the Patriots in a nail biter.

Congratulations to the New York Rangers in beating the Boston Bruins in overtime 3-2. The win gives the Rangers a 3 point advantage over the Bruins for top seed in the NHL Eastern Conference.

Random Small thoughts…

Random Small thoughts …

Is Kevin Love worth a max contract from the Minnesota Timberwolves?

And this double –double streak that the NBA likes you to know about every time Kevin Love’s name is mentioned is an insult to both Kevin Love and big who have come before him of any substance. So why is Kevin Love’s name attached to double- doubles?? Check out the following:


  • Longest continuous streak of double-doubles: According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Wilt Chamberlain holds the record with 227 consecutive double-doubles from 1964 to 1967.[9] Chamberlain also holds the second and third longest continuous streak of double-doubles with 220 and 133.[9] This record is before the ABA–NBA merger in 1976. The longest streak of double-doubles since the merger was 53 games, achieved by Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves.[10]
  • Let’s quantify this by saying the reference to double- double of Kevin Love is points and rebounds.

If Wilt Chamberlain holds the record with 227 consecutive double- double why is Kevin Love’s name mentioned at all? Doesn’t he have some catching up to do?

Question what time is it when the Heat has a substantial led against the Lakers? Answer its Eddy Curry time. Yes there was an Eddy Curry sighting. For those of you Knick fans like myself Curry was the poster child of the failed Isaiah Thomas regime when Isaiah ran the Knicks. Now Curry is doing spot duty for the Heat. His line was 6 minutes 6 points 3 rebounds far short of his best season with the Knicks when he had 19.5 points and if memory serves correctly 8 rebounds a night.


NBA, the Jets and Texas Rangers

NBA, the Jets and Texas Rangers…



Michael Jordan made the comment recently that the one player that compares closest to himself is not Lebron James but Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan won six NBA Championships in his career. Jordan was the NBA Finals MVP for all six championships.

Kobe Bryant has won five NBA Championships so far in his career. Kobe was the NBA Finals MVP twice, in 2009 and 2010. Shaq was the NBA Finals MVP in the other three years Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers won championships from 2000-2002.

Yet while Jordan looks down on everyone he and David Stern seem to forget that Bill Russell won 11 championships as a player. Or more to the point that is what Jordan and Kobe have combined. So maybe the next time Jordan counts his rings maybe he should remember it is Russell who should be the standard when the topic of Championships is brought up.

And speaking of Russell…

For all the talk of Russell Westbrook being a selfish player on a team with Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder thought enough of Westbrook to give a 5 year 80 million dollar contract …at 23 years old and already in his 4th NBA season it looks like it’s asking a lot for Westbrook to be more team oriented but he is going to be a fixture for the Thunder for the foreseeable future. So sit back and enjoy a young hungry talented player (Westbrook) play with an equally hungry talented player (Durant) as they workout the nuts and bolts to his breath taking and madden at the same time game.

The reality TV show known as the New York Jets are back in the news as Woody Johnson backs Mark Sanchez as his quarterback… Wow big news really?? Woody?? Mark Sanchez is 25 just finished his 3rd year as an NFL quarterback been to 2 AFC championship games. However if Peyton Manning becomes available …will Woody Johnson still be backing Sanchez??? Watch your back Mark Sanchez ….and by the way Santonio Holmes will be coming back the Jets can’t afford to take a salary cap hit if they dump him. So Santonio make nice with your quarterback because unless Peyton Manning is walking through that door to the locker-room neither one of you are going anywhere.

Did I miss something but when did the Texas Rangers get money to spend on players?

The Rangers spent 111 million dollars on Japanese pitcher Yu Darvich. 60 million in player salary and 51 million in posting fee just to talk to him wow!!!! The Rangers just a few short years ago were hurting financially. And they are interested in signing Prince Fielder … Please tell the Fred and Jeff how to get that money so they can spend it on the players too.


Thoughts around the NBA…

Thoughts around the NBA… Lakers and Mavericks played last night and the final score looked like a college basketball score. Led by Derek Fisher’s three pointers the Lakers beat the Mavs 73-70. Kobe did not have one of his better games shooting 7-22 finishing with 14 points. Dallas didn’t exactly shoot lights either…yet the Lakers are 10-5 on the season. By the way, in New York how long do you think it will be if the Knicks (6-7) don’t start putting it together before the chants of fire Dantoni start rocking the Garden? Can Orlando decide where to trade Dwight Howard? Mavs, Lakers and the Nets are Howard’s choices, with Golden State making noise as well. Orlando needs to get the best possible deal for Dwight Howard otherwise he walks at the end of the season as a free agent and the Magic get nothing in return. Oklahoma City Thunder are 12-2 and that started a fun debate between Shaq and Charles Barkley as to who is the best player in the league. Charles Barkley thinks it Kevin Durant, Shaq countered with LeBron but also stated the best big man in the game is … Andrew Bynum. Charles never at a loss for words countered with Dwight Howard. Shaq explained that Bynum has more moves around the basket left hand and right hand while Dwight Howard has only two moves and works off the pick and roll. So the question is who is the better big man? Andrew Bynum or Dwight Howard or Kevin Durant? Or is there some one else?

Hats off to the New York Giants…

Hats off to the New York Giants…Maybe it is 2007

I had cautioned Giant fans not to get too giddy during this playoff run since Giant fans believed this was 2007 all over again.

Earlier this week I was asked by a coworker who was winning between the Giants and the Green bay Packers. No disrespect to the Giants and Giant fans I did think Green Bay was going to win, a close game. Just like they did earlier this season. Needless to say I was wrong, very wrong. Giant fans you have every right to believe the year is 2007 all over again. Hakeem Nicks (7 receptions and 165 yards) and Eli(the Elite)Manning(21-33 330 yards 3 touchdowns 1 interception)led the Giants to a 37- 20 victory over the Green Bay Packers, at Lambeau Field the same place  where the Giants beat the Packers in the NFC Championship game back in 2007 when the quarterback was Packer legend Brett Favre. Fast forward to 2012 where his successor Aaron Rodgers had a MVP type season this year along with Drew Brees, I reasoned quite loudly that Rodgers would find a way to beat the Giants yet again. Instead Eli (The Elite) turned back the clock and found a way to win. The Giant defense kept forcing the Packers into fumbles. Now the Giants are a game away from reaching the Super Bowl as they now travel to San Francisco to face the 49ers in the NFC Championship game. I am sure a certain coworker will ask what I think of the Giants now. What will be my answer? GO BIG BLUE!


Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves


Raves – Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers on their wild and impressive victory over the New Orleans Saints. What a wild finish to the game. With 9 seconds left Alex Smith does a Joe Montana impersonation and hits Tight end Vernon Davis to give the Niners a 36-32 victory over a very formidable Saints team.

Raves – Vernon Davis for game winning catch and for playing the game of his career. This game will go down as the Vernon Davis game

Raves – The New England Patriots 45-10 demolition of the Denver Broncos was scary. By the way I thought New England’s defense was supposed to be terrible, the worse of the Bill Belichek era. Somebody forgot to tell them that. They manhandled the Broncos and sacked Tim Tebow 5 times and forced him into other wise running for his life. Tebow final stats for this game 9 for 26 136 yards passing 36.9 % the 4th lowest in playoff history…

Rants – Tebowmania finally has landed hard. The ride is over and now the heavy lifting begins for John Elway and the Broncos. He has to think long and hard as to whether Tebow is the right quarterback going forward to lead this team or have the stomach to make another change to get another quarterback. Don’t forget Tim Tebow didn’t start the season at quarterback; Kyle Orton was the starting quarterback.

Rants– Billy King … the New Jersey Nets won’t make it to Brooklyn if you don’t get Avery Johnson some help (Dwight Howard) and fast. In what was supposed to be a homecoming for Deron Williams in Utah since the big trade that made D-Will a New Jersey Net, has turned out to be a nightmare of a game for D-Will as he and his teammates are out hustled out classed and outgunned against the Utah Jazz. 107-94.

The New York Jets are like TNT they know drama

Just for the record I am a life long  JetFan so…

Let me make sure I got this straight, while all Jet fans are happy to see Brian Schottenheimer go, myself included; the New York Jets are convinced that a coach a former head coach from one of their division rivals is going to go back to their ground and pound ways that they got away from this season. Ok… Tony Sparano the Jets new offensive coordinator is going to give the Jets an identity… physical and explosive… the same Tony Sparano that guided that offensive juggernaut known as the Miami Dolphins. The same Tony Sparano who claims his players knew what to expect when they took the field… too bad the players didn’t play hard for him until they knew he was gone. Too bad Sparano’s bosses inMiamididn’t share Jet management’s opinion of him by openly interviewing other candidates so they could fire him. So Jet brain trust of Owner Woody Johnson, General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, and Head Coach Rex Ryan are convinced that Tony Sparano can return the Jets back to winning football and back to ground and pound. Maybe I missed something but the Jets for all their drama this season finished 8-8 and could have finished easily 10-6. When was the last time Sparano won?

For the unnamed players who made quotes about Jet quarterback Mark Sanchez, where were those quotes when he was quarterbacking the team to two straight AFC Championship games? Word to those players, don’t kick your quarterback, and protect your quarterback. Oh if you are going to talk and rip your quarterback man up and put your name to it.

Small Thoughts:…

Small Thoughts: Rants and Raves


Raves: Congradulations to The Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the BCS National Title against the Louisiana State University Tigers in a game that was shear total domination from the defensive side of the ball, 21-0. Only one meaningless penalty toward the end of the game, which I’m sure Nick Saban stewed on the rest of the night being the perfectionist that he is. But you have to hand it to the coach he had a month to prepare and prepare he did. LSU wasn’t ready forAlabama and it showed.


Rant: Note to Billy King it is a 66 game season and your team are already 2-8 and Deron Williams is one foot out the door.  The magic gave Dwight Howard and his agent permission to make trades. The teams are Mavs, Lakers and the New Jersey Nets. Get to work Mr. King before the Lakers swoop in and take Dwight Howard and cost you Deron Williams use those chips you been talking about and make it happen, by the way, did the Nets make someone in the NBA offices angry or what, three times in two weeks the Nets played the Atlanta Hawks and all three times got beat. Maybe the Nets should ask for amnesty the next time Atlanta is on the schedule.


Raves: Congratulations to the New York Football Giants for their complete disassembling of the Atlanta Falcons 24-2. Just one word of caution to all Giant fans resist the urge to compare this team to the 2007 Super Bowl team. They still have a long way to go in the playoffs. Beating the Packers isn’t going to be easy, and Aaron Rodgers isn’t Brett Favre, he’s better (Rodgers).


Raves: Congratulations to Barry Larkin on making the baseball hall of fame. Considering the fact that he played in the Ozzie Smith era (the best shortstop of the era) and still made the hall of fame says a lot about his talent. Playing his whole career in a small market (Cincinnati) winning a championship and displaying class in and out of baseball, just goes to show you can succeed without the aid of performance enhancing drugs or without all the drama that comes with many of the players today.

Can I ask a question jet fans?

Why are you so anxious to get rid of your quarterback Mark Sanchez?

 In my travels recently I was listening to Sports talk radio and couldn’t believe how many fans called wanting to either have Mark Sanchez traded away or have him  take less money sit on the bench and watch Peyton Manning quarterback this Jets team. Let’s make this clear …. Peyton Manning is an all-time great quarterback and if you get a chance to get him, you have to try right? The problem with this fellow Jet fans is 1) we have been down this road before with Brett Favre 2) The Jets need help on both sides of the ball. Not at quarterback. As Rex Ryan has told everyone that will listen they have gone to two AFC Championship games with Sanchez as their quarterback. He is young and durable as the New York Jet quarterback, having missed little time to injury. Management thought enough of this young man to trade up in the draft 3 years ago to select him as they franchise quarterback In his first two seasons in the National Football League, Mark Sanchez has won 4 playoff games all on the road not an easy feat.  Also remember Peyton Manning has not played all year this season due to neck surgery and no one not Peyton Manning, not the doctors, not the Colts, not the jets have any clue what he has left, assuming there are no further setbacks. No one knows how his body will react for the first time he gets hit how his neck will respond is a huge question mark.

Many Jet fans up until this season ended proudly walked around wearing their Mark Sanchez #6 jerseys. If you get rid of Sanchez what happens to those jerseys? Will you be willing to throw away good money? Peyton Manning has never had to deal with the press coverage in Indianapolis like he would if he came to New York.  Are you sure that he is up for the challenge that would be in the making of he came to New York? 

By the way it is going to cost the Jets a ton of money and players to get him here. And that is if Peyton Manning wanted to come to play the rest of his career in New York. If you bring Peyton Manning how many players do you think the Jets will have to cut to fit him in their salary cap? Don’t forget you need help on both sides of the ball.

 On the defensive side, Bart Scott is a shell of what he was his first season with the Jets, they still don’t have pass rush that makes offenses have respect for them, and they can’t guard a tight end if the tight end was in a wheelchair.  If you need proof of that look at the games against the New England Patriots .Antonio Cromartie gambles way too much and gets burned too often. Kyle Wilson has improved but still has lapses where he gets burned. We all know Darrelle Revis is their best player on either side of the ball period.

 The offense is offensive starting with the play calling; Schottinheimer leaves a lot to be desired as a coordinator maybe they need to bring in someone that can call a better game offensively. He abandons the running game too quickly, which doesn’t help Mark Sanchez as a quarterback or the team’s offensive game. Santonio Holmes he of the 50 million dollar contract should be shown the door for his selfish play all year and me first pouting when his quarterback and team needed him the most. They could have used a player like Jericho Cotchery who is a free agent. Would he want to return to the Jets? The running game for the most part needs an upgrade Shone Greene didn’t show up this year, Tomlinson is a year older and their offensive line other than Nick Mangold, Dbrickashaw Ferguson and Brandon Moore needs to be replaced. They nearly got Sanchez killed this season. The point is fellow Jet fans as sexy as it is to think that Peyton Manning is the cure for the Jets ills, Mark Sanchez isn’t the problem, not even close.  And yet for all the Jets problems had they beat the Broncos and the raiders they would be playing in the playoffs right now. Management has it work cut out for them to be sure, but Mark Sanchez needs to be given a break jet fans. Sanchez may deliver a super bowl to you one day if you are doubting that just remember Giant fans were beating up Eli Manning the same way we beat Mark Sanchez and all he did was eventually win a Super bowl was the MVP of the Super bowl.