Smallthoughts: Monday Morning Quarterbacking…Featuring Cover2Chris

Welcome to Smallthoughts: Monday Morning Quarterbacking. Each week of the NFL season we will feature thoughts around the NFL from the action on Sunday. Each week Smallthoughts will feature Cover2Chris. Here is his thoughts from this week’s action. Week 2 2019 MMQB with Cover2Chris   10 Things I Think I Think   Eli Manning isContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Monday Morning Quarterbacking…Featuring Cover2Chris”

Smallthoughts : Rant of the Week…Kansas City Chiefs

They started out a house on fire they beat the Patriots, raced to a 5-0 record and looked like they could unseat the Patriots in the AFC. Then the Chiefs imploded…they are now 6-6 in the AFC west in a three way tie with the Raiders and the Chargers. Due to injures they ended upContinue reading “Smallthoughts : Rant of the Week…Kansas City Chiefs”

Smallthoughts: Did the Patriots get the Name of that Truck that Hit Them?

The last time we saw the New England Patriots the made an unbelievable comeback in the Super Bowl down 28-3 to come all the way back to win and stun the Atlanta Falcons. Well the NFL calendar has turned and as Thursday night proved …the Chiefs served notice that they aren’t the Falcons…(I know Ouch)Continue reading “Smallthoughts: Did the Patriots get the Name of that Truck that Hit Them?”

Chiefs fans in Philly? Really…

I read this on line and found it interesting and thought I share it. Not everyone in Philly is down on former Eagles coach Andy Reid. Which made the following article interesting. Andy Reid has at least one safe haven in Philadelphia – a Chiefs bar in South Philly by Les Carpenter PHILADELPHIA – DeepContinue reading “Chiefs fans in Philly? Really…”

Reid and the Chiefs beat the Eagles in Philly return

The Eagles fans gave Andy Reid a loud welcome in his return to Philly and it was the last thing the fans had to cheer about as the Eagles lost 26-16 and to be honest the score wasn’t even that close. If the Chiefs had cashed in on all the turnovers it would have beenContinue reading “Reid and the Chiefs beat the Eagles in Philly return”

Kelly changes his mind goes to Philly to coach Eagles

 First Chip Kelly intereviewed for the Eagles job liked it and wanted it then decided against it. ten days later, he changed his mind and later this afternoon he is going to be introduced as the Philadelphia Eagles new head coach. He replaces Andy Reid who was fired at season’s end after two terrible yearsContinue reading “Kelly changes his mind goes to Philly to coach Eagles”

Andy Reid or Michael Vick, who will take the fall for the Eagles Failures?

He is the longest tenured coachwith one team in both the NFC East and in the NFL right now. With 14 years as headcoach of the Eagles, Andy Reid is the bedrock of the Eagles. Players have come and gone Donavan Mcnabb, Brian WestBrook among others and yet Andy Reid is still here. Michael Vick isContinue reading “Andy Reid or Michael Vick, who will take the fall for the Eagles Failures?”

Are the Eagles out for the count?

The Eagles are 3-5 and fading fast and don’t look good doing it. They are in that exclusive club with the Dallas Cowboys, who are also 3-5. The club I am refering to is the coulda, woulda, shoulda club. Both have the talent on paper to win the division, and be considered as Super bowl contenders,Continue reading “Are the Eagles out for the count?”