Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Deon Sanders

What does Charlie Ward and Deon Sanders have in common? Both played two sports at Florida State. Best known as Prime time …Deon Sanders was considered one of the best shut down corners in he NFL in his time. To be fair though he was not the most physical corner in fact the knock wasContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Deon Sanders”

Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Gaylord Perry

He pitched from 1962 to 1983 for eight different teams. During a 22-year baseball career, Perry compiled 314 wins, 3,534 strikeouts, and a 3.11 earned run average. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991. He was best known for throwing a spitball, and while everyone swore he threw it all theContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Gaylord Perry”

Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Phil Niekro

He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997. Niekro’s 318 career victories are the most by a knuckleball pitcher and he ranks 16th on the overall all-time wins list. He also won the National League (NL) Gold Glove Award five times. Niekro pitched for 20 seasons for the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves.Continue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Phil Niekro”

Smallthoughts :Old School Tuesday …Joe Niekro

Last week we spotlighted the Alou Brothers and Felipe Alou’s son Moises Alou. This week it the Niekro Brothers …Joe and Phil. Joe Niekro pitched for the Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres and Detroit Tigers with occasional success before joining Phil with the Atlanta Braves in 1973. Joe used a fastball and a slider earlyContinue reading “Smallthoughts :Old School Tuesday …Joe Niekro”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Felipe Alou

He made his major league debut in 1958 and was an All-Star in 1962, when he batted .316 with 25 home runs and 98 RBI Felipe was joined by his brothers, Matty in 1960, and Jesús in 1963, who, on September 15 of that year became the first, and as of today only, all-brother outfield.Continue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Felipe Alou”

SmallThoughts: Old School Tuesday …George Stone

Who is George Stone? I am sure that question ran across your mind in fact not many Met fans even remember or even heard of George Stone, but he was a member of the 1973 New York Mets pitching staff that went all the way to the 1973 World Series. Stone went 12–3 with a 2.80Continue reading “SmallThoughts: Old School Tuesday …George Stone”

Braves Trade Andrelton Simmons to the Angels for Erick Aybar, two pitching prospects…Why?

Good shortstops are hard to come by just ask the New York Mets who are still looking for the next coming of Jose Reyes but great shortstops once you have one you don’t let them go….so when I heard that the Braves traded Andrelton Simmons to the Angels …for Erick Aybar and two pitching prospectsContinue reading “Braves Trade Andrelton Simmons to the Angels for Erick Aybar, two pitching prospects…Why?”