NBA Posterized- The Game’s most spectacular Dunks

The players and the stories behind the games most spectacular dunks in the history of the game. This is a video that will make you go oooh and Oh ma I remember that and …oh yeah what ever happened to??? Enjoy!

Scalabrine calls out Jackson’s coaching style, again

The feud between Mark Jackson and Brian Scalabrine, has continued, with Scalabrine,taking more shots at Mark Jackson. This was a post on Pro basketball talk. Please read the following.   Golden State won 51 games last season and pushed a very good, deep Clippers team to seven games in the first round. That locker room, led byContinue reading “Scalabrine calls out Jackson’s coaching style, again”

Where did LeBron James Disappear to?

    At one time or another we all lose or gain weight. At one time or another it is noticable to everybody and you get the …something about you looks different, did you lose weight?  or in some cases we bulk up and gain weight. But for the most part we are not aContinue reading “Where did LeBron James Disappear to?”

Metta World Peace has decided to change his name to ‘The Panda’s Friend’

Ron you did what? You changed your name again? Must be nice to do every few years to change your name as you change in life.  Once upon time he was Ron Artest, then Metta World Peace …now he is …The Panda’s Friend. Nope can’t make this up.   From China Daily: New high-profile importContinue reading “Metta World Peace has decided to change his name to ‘The Panda’s Friend’”

Love is in the air…Kevin traded to Cleveland for Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett

According to Yahoo sports’  Adrian Wojnarowski a deal is in place to send Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers for  Andrew Wiggins (this years number on pick in the NBA draft) Anthony Bennett (Last years, number one pick in the NBA draft) and a protected 2015 first-round draft pick. The trade pairs Kevin Love  with LeBron James andContinue reading “Love is in the air…Kevin traded to Cleveland for Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett”

Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Larry Kenon

One of the more understated stars of the old ABA was Larry Kenon or better known as Mr. K He was one of my favorite Nets (Dr.J was my favorite). He was traded to the San Antonio Spurs or Swen Nater and teamed up with the Iceman, George Gervin to make a high scoring oneContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Larry Kenon”

Should the Knicks re-sign Carmelo Anthony?

He forced the Denver Nuggets to trade him here. The Knicks are his hometown team. Bernard King was his favorite Knick. Get the picture? Despite a disappointing season in which the Knicks didn’t make the playoffs, despite rumors that the Bulls are interested in him …It is my belief that Carmelo Anthony will remain aContinue reading “Should the Knicks re-sign Carmelo Anthony?”