Smallthoughts: I Am Embarrassed to Be A Knick Fan

My first NBA game I ever attended was when my grandfather took my father and I to Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks play I believe the Cincinnati Royals. It was during the championship season. I have been a Knick fan since. I have seen the Knicks win one more championship after that oneContinue reading “Smallthoughts: I Am Embarrassed to Be A Knick Fan”

Smallthoughts :Old School Tuesday…Charles Oakley

Patrick Ewing was the franchise for the Knicks but Charles Oakley was the backbone for the team. He did the dirty work. Oakley was drafted with the 9th overall pick in the 1985 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, but his draft rights were traded to the Chicago Bulls. Oakley provided another scoring option andContinue reading “Smallthoughts :Old School Tuesday…Charles Oakley”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Charles Oakley

It doesn’t matter what uniforms Oakley has worn in his career he will always be considered a Knick first and foremost and a Bull second.He was toughest of the Knicks which is saying a lot when you had Anthony Mason, Patrick Ewing, Derek HarperĀ and John Starks. It was day at the bench when you playedContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Charles Oakley”