Chip Kelly Fired in Philly

When this story broke a friend of mine text me that Chip Kelly was fired and my response was Like no one saw this coming? Let’s be honest here, this wasn’t unexpected to say the least. Kelly knew his time in the City of Brotherly love was short especially when his moves backfired like tradingContinue reading “Chip Kelly Fired in Philly”

It’s Ugly in the City of Brotherly Love

The Eagles are 4-7 and fading fast even in the division now known as the NFC Least…Trust me there is nothing after Thursday’s stinker in Philly against the Lions to suggest they are going to run the table and win the division and make noise in the playoffs. Nope. The talk is now how soonContinue reading “It’s Ugly in the City of Brotherly Love”

Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Chip Kelly…The Eagles are 0-2 and the fan base isn’t feeling good with you with all the changes this off season and the one move you decide to do after you go 0-2 is to swap thrid string quarterbacks? Seriously? Really? Rants:New York Giants Defense … 2 fourth quarter leads 2 fourth quarter collapsesContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

Eagles make Change at Quarterback Position …Seriously

You’re 0-2 supposed to have a high octane offense so you make a change …at Quarterback…ok. Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Sunday night he’d evaluate everything, and he’s started at the quarterback position. According to Reuben Frank of, the Eagles have swapped out third quarterbacks, releasing Stephen Morris and signing Thad Lewis. Maybe it isn’tContinue reading “Eagles make Change at Quarterback Position …Seriously”

Kelly pushes Chips in big trade with Bills

LeSean McCoy to Buffalo for Kiko Alonso As you can imagine each coach or manager wants to have guys that are his guys, and Chip Kelly is no different. Kelly though has the power to actually do just that. For the second straight year Chip Kelly, has traded his top player (Desean Jackson last year)Continue reading “Kelly pushes Chips in big trade with Bills”

DeSean Jackson now a Washington Redskin

According to published reports DeSean Jackson has agreed to join the Washington Redskins. Reportedly it is a 3 year deal but no terms have been released as of yet. Jackson often clashed with head coach Chip Kelly and despite his performance on the field …it didn’t stop the Eagles from relasing the talented wide receiver.Continue reading “DeSean Jackson now a Washington Redskin”

Nick Foles to start the rest of the season …Vick will back up

In a move that was no surprise to anyone around the Eagles, Head coach Chip Kelly named Nick Foles the starter for the rest of the season.”Nick will be our starter,” Kelly said. ”And hopefully we get Mike (Vick) back through a full week of practice and he’ll be able to be the No. 2Continue reading “Nick Foles to start the rest of the season …Vick will back up”

Reid and the Chiefs beat the Eagles in Philly return

The Eagles fans gave Andy Reid a loud welcome in his return to Philly and it was the last thing the fans had to cheer about as the Eagles lost 26-16 and to be honest the score wasn’t even that close. If the Chiefs had cashed in on all the turnovers it would have beenContinue reading “Reid and the Chiefs beat the Eagles in Philly return”

NCAA rules on Oregon: No bowl ban, scholarship reduction, show-cause penalty for Chip Kelly

The NCAA released its findings in its investigation of Oregon’s football program and recruiter Willie Lyles, and the damage for the Ducks is relatively minor. Most important, Oregon did not receive any bowl ban, meaning one of the preseason favorites for the national championship will be allowed to compete in the postseason. There are minorContinue reading “NCAA rules on Oregon: No bowl ban, scholarship reduction, show-cause penalty for Chip Kelly”

Oregon Ducks Quack: to one major violation

According to a published report on Yahoo sports, Oregon has committed one major violation and is disputing with the NCAA over another violation. According to the Oregonian’s report, Oregon agreed it improperly used three scouting services, Elite Scouting Services, New Level Athletics and Complete Scouting Services, by accepting oral reports when written quarterly reports areContinue reading “Oregon Ducks Quack: to one major violation”