Riley thought Lebron was staying in Miami…

Lebron played his decision on returning to Cleveland very close to the breast, so close even Pat Riley had no idea that LeBron was leaving especially when he talked to Lebron about how he was going to sell Miami to potential free agents. ”I went into it with the thought and the notion that heContinue reading “Riley thought Lebron was staying in Miami…”

NBA Free Agency is about EGO massaging

The more this NBA free agency continues the more bizzare the rumors become, the more it seems that it too bizzare to come true, yet it is very possible almost most of what you hear could come true.Right now the NBA holds it’s collective breath while waiting on LeBron James,Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh decideContinue reading “NBA Free Agency is about EGO massaging”

Chris Bosh to fans who left early : Don’t come back for game 7

Up until game 6 Tuesday night did you even know that Chris Bosh was on the floor during the NBA Finals let alone in the building? He hasn’t exactly distingushed himself during the Finals and actually except for the final minutes of game 6 he was used and abused by Tim Duncan. So how doesContinue reading “Chris Bosh to fans who left early : Don’t come back for game 7”